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In planning a big ski trip with friends this year I took a lot of time researching snowfall totals, Why? Well I was looking seriously at Big Sky(wow what a mountain) but I had some interesting questions about their snow records. Everywhere I looked I saw people, Big Sky Amoung them saying they got 400 inches a year. However in Skiing a year back or so they had said Big Sky got 250" a year. I was curious as to which was closer to the truth. In the end I found this guys statistics on ski area snowfall amounts which are impressive to say the least. We scratched Big Sky in favor of Jackson Hole and we are going in 2 weeks. Nothing against Big Sky, I would still kill to stand atop lone mountain and ski down.... but 250 and 400 are pretty different numbers. Anyway here is the link to the totals, check them out and let me know what you all think, have at it.............