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first time heliskiing

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Hi, all.

I"me heading out to CMH Kootenay for 3 days of skiing -- first time heliskiing. I'm wondering what I should bring in the way of equipment beyond usual ski gear and looking for tips and advice from those who have done it before as to how best prepare for maximum enjoyment. I'm an advanced intermediate skier- ski 6-12 days a year usually, never done powder before, except in the trees (just don't get much in new England).
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Get in touch with Mtnlion here or over at TGR, he usually sells CMH's used rental equipment and his girlfriend is a guide with them.

As far as I'm aware they got all you need for rent (Explosivs, Big Daddys n' stuff), just bring your own boots. Tell them about your ability level and they will probably hook you up with the right group for more skiing instruction. Beyond that all you need are some well going legs for you...
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Just curious, have you told the heli outfit that you've never skied powder before?

I certainly hope they have a group to put you in with similar ability, otherwise you are going to be QUITE unpopular on the bird.

Not trying to diss you, just givin' a heads up.
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