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San Fran to North Tahoe?

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I am flying in to San Fran in a few weeks and driving to a rental house near Alpine Meadows and Northstar. Does anybody have info on this drive? Distance shows approx. 150 miles, but I am told to expect 5 hours. What's the real deal? How often does the pass close?
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drive time

5hrs sounds about right with a meal stop of 1/2hour. We live 70 miles north of SF and the drive time is about the same although the route is a bit differrent till hwy 80. The road closes only infrequently and only during big storms, bring chains or 4wd as conditions can change quickly. Once you get outside Sacramento the 1-1 1/2 hour drive in the Sierras is great!!! Happy times.
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Depends on when you drive.

I drive up every Friday morning (4:30 AM) and it usually takes me 3:15 to make it to Sugarbowl. Figure on 30 minutes more to get to Alpine. My start location is Sunset District in SF. I travel across Golden Gate bridge, North on 101 to Novato and east on 37 to 80. Then up 80 to Tahoe. I usually only stop for gas.

The return is usually on Saturday afternoon so it's generally about 4:00-4:30 drive time to return. I generally take the same route (reversed) to avoid the bay bridge and driving across town.

Move your drive into rush hour for Sacramento or Bay Area and all bets are off.

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Drive starts Saturday night at 8ish from the airport and we return back the following Sunday in the morning.
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SFO to Alpine? ~4 hrs.

I used to live near SFO, and starting at 8pm from SFO on a Friday night is ~4 hours (driving 70-75) if you don't stop too long. This past weekend, we left downtown SF on Friday at 3pm (in traffic), stopped for 20 minutes in Davis, & were at Alpine Meadows road by 7:45pm.

The Sunday morning return should take about the same amount of time. If you're coming back later on Sunday, i.e. leaving the slopes at 3pm, give yourself an extra 45 minutes for traffic.
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