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AT vs alpine bindings

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Here's the question (which I thought is best in this forum rather than backcountry): do you know folks who use AT bindings full-time, including lift-serviced skiing. (Or use 'em yourself, of course. I've heard Doug Coombs uses Fritschis exclusively on his camps, anyone been on one?)

As for me, I'm weighing up putting the new heavy-duty Fritschi Freerides on some fat skis (eg, 10.ex):

Pro: touring capability, especially short traverses/climbs from lifts; I'm not too heavy (155lbs); not going too fast (wanting to do steepish lines but not breaking speed records); mainly off-piste; the Freeride binding (supposedly) allows use of both Alpine and A.T. boots.

Con: expensive; not much point if everyone else in the group is on regular alpine gear; allegedly less control on hard snow; durability (the big question mark).

In the end, the new Freerides sound like a good concept, but can they really replace regular alpine bindings?

Thanks in advance,
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i don't myself, but some dudes at my home hill (mt. bohemia) do full time. look around www.mtbohemia.com -- the guy on the tele gear (a local doctor) rips all over the hill w/ 'em. don't know anything about that particular binding...
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I do not use AT bindings but I've been thinking about switching. I have AT boots (Scarpa Denalis) with marker alpine bindings and K2 Fours. I eventually would like to switch to AT bindings when my current skis have lost their camber, which is imminent. Problem is I'm not convinced AT bindings will hold up under some area skiing conditions (ie, hardpack). I don't ski groomers generally, but usually you have ski them to get to the lift. That crap is much more punishing on the bindings. So, I guess that's not much of an answer, but something to think about. I have read that Fritschi Diamir Titanal's are rugged enough for area skiing. Haven't heard from anyone's personal experience though.
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I know a few who do, but their resort/bc skiing mix is at least 25/75%.

Another pro: same gear all the time so you do not have that adjustment period when switching (the reason I disliked my Fritschis).

Another con: They are not nearly as heavy-duty with as many release mechanisms as a full alpine binding so there is a safety decrease at the resort if you ski aggressively.
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I have used the Fritschi since it came out, with zero problems. Last year I skied the Titanal 2 on a pair of XXX's (my only setup) the whole season at Whistler, Jackson, and all over Tahoe. Powder, hardpack,bumps, ice, etc. with no problems at all. Then I took it out in the spring on the East side. Although I always ski with an extra toe piece, have never needed it. (Don't jump anymore, though)
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