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Edges that never need sharpening?

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Just wondering....Can't ski edges be made out of something that doesn't need sharpening and get burrs so easily? Industrial diamonds? Some tougher metal mixture that can be ground down if necessary but holds its edge longer?
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I think some high tech ceramic might be conceivable. The perfect material would have to be very hard, yet be flexible and there's the rub.
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Old engineering adage:

You want it ....

GOOD? FAST? or CHEAP? ............ PICK TWO!!!!

Sure, it can be done .... but can you afford it????

Now that the cat is out of the bag, vee arr kurrently vorking on und edge made vit UNOBTANIUM alloy. Unobtanium is very, very, very rare and impossible to get.
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me wants this Unobtanium it sounds VERY good... it costs what $5?
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"About a hundred dollers...a hundred dollers...yeah."
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Maybe Ronko could adapt the Ginsu knife blade for ski edges.
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I've thought about this as well. Something similar to a rapier or tachi - soft, flexible metal with a hardened edge welded to it.
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Just got a few ozs. laying around.
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The problem with harder edges is eventually they will need work because of damage by rocks or whatever and if the edges are harder than the better files, your screwed. I think was Volkl that made some skis with real hard edges in the '60's. I borrowed a pair for a few weeks and I could not sharped them with an ordinary file.
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Fischer Plasma edges were like that too.

Process of making described here.
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Stone grinding would be another problem with tougher edges. It would be harder to grind the bases without getting concave bases.
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The problem with harder materials is that they become brittle. Diamond is great and is very hard, but hit it with an impact and it can shatter. Its the old engineering conundrum of trade offs. If it is too soft it won't hold an edge, if it is too hard it can be easily broken. Finding the middle ground is the problem.

Now, unobtanium, that's the stuff you need. I think its first practical use was in the Manhatten project. It worked well there.
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I once installed a titanium canivoling pin, an unobtanium muffler bearing, and an adamantium tire silencer. the effect on my car's performance? extra terrestrial, for sure. the cost? never mind. if you have to ask, you can't know.
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Have you ever heard of an edge file tool? Why would anyone want harder edges when it takes all of 3 minutes to sharpen each edge? 3 x 4 = 12, what do ya not have 12 minutes before skiing to make 'em perfect?

I like 'em just as they are - easy to sharpen and durable.

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Most of the reasons why there are no harder materials have been mentioned:

- stone grinding leads to concave bases
- very difficult to change the angles on your edges
- when the edges do get damaged it is very difficult to repair

The Fischer plasma edge was the only one I experienced when I was working in a rental shop. We gave up trying to tune them in the end after we wrecked several files trying to remove small burrs. And you could only give them a base grind or two before they became convex and started hooking like crazy.
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