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A Day of Gratitude

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Today was one of those days that makes it all worth it. The trials and tribulations associated with our sport, as well as the frustrations and disapointments proved to be an inexpensive price to pay, if one can be rewarded with a day such as today.

After five years of skiing, today I came to the realization that it's not only what we get from skiing that's important. The ability to give back to others what we've learned, whether it be a technical tip, or simply some moral support on a frightening run, is just as fulfilling as as receiving the knowledge ourselves.

Skiing can make friends of enemies. We've seen it happen on this forum. People get into a major flame war on the forum, only to become good ski buddies on the mountain. Even outside of this forum, there are people who I thought that I would resent forever. Then I ski with them, and discover that it's far easier for me to hold an edge than a grudge.

This morning, I did some on-snow warmups with the Over the Hill Gang at Copper. When they were finished, one of the guides [who happens to be a student at my stuido] asked if I would do a run with her class. They had decent skills, but their fear factor was even high than mine, if you can imagine that! They insisted that they only wanted to ski green runs off the American Flyer. Their guide asked me to talk about centering and alignment as they skied. I used a few images, which they clicked into right away. When I gave them the "make love to the mountain." a wise older woman said "Remember, you can't make love and war at the same time!"

Exactly. The mountain always wins. Once we realize that, we discover that the dance of love is infinitely more fulfilling than the war. Hmmmm... perhaps this is why skiing teaches us to embrace those that we once thought would always be our enemies.

I spent the rest of the day with Mike_M's group, and this was quite possibly my best lesson ever. We had a really supportive group of four, who were well matched in our technical abilities and speed. We skied all over, steeps, icy black diamond bump runs in the bowls!:

Later that day, I saw my apprehensive OHG group going off the Poma and skiing one of the bowls.

We even did the Nastar course, something I thought I would never again attempt after getting disgraceful times like 1:16 at Whistler!: It was wonderful to combine all the strategies we've learned for different types of terrain and use it on the race course. It' even more wonderful to have it all make some cohesive sense.

So today is my day of gratitude;
To Mark, for getting me into this in the first place
To Epicski participants who impart knowledge and enthusiasm
To "enemies" who have become ski buddies {if you're reading this, you know who you are}
To instructors such as Weems, Carolyn and Mike_M for not giving up on those of us who frustrate even the most patient instructors:

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Lisa some time I just like reading your post without much comment.
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Thank-you, Pierre. That's very sweet!
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Some of the great things about this sport. You can always learn something, you can always help someone else.

I have a friend who I have been tring to get into this for years. He met a girl that boards. He finally got out before X-Mas for his first time. He now tells me all the time, "I see why your hooked", "this is great".
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Taking bets..... Next season LM is on the payroll in Copper's Ski/Ride School? Who's in?
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I'll bet I'm Public Enemy #1, eh LM?
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Nah, not any more! I took over that role now! (lol)
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Fight ya for it!
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You're both wrong, ladies! I'm referring to a certain lady who is probably lurking as we speak! Not sure if it was the skiing or the getting totally sauced on champaign that was the ultimate peace maker, but it's all good.

BTW, I did notice that Breck is doing a hiring clinic this weekend. Tempted....I'll probably make a damn fool of myself, but at least I'll be able to spend an entire day finding out everything that totally sucks about my skiing!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Fight ya for it!
You're on!
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
...BTW, I did notice that Breck is doing a hiring clinic this weekend. Tempted....I'll probably make a damn fool of myself, but at least I'll be able to spend an entire day finding out everything that totally sucks about my skiing!
Go for it! You have nothing to lose!
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What have I got to lose? My dignity, of course!: But since I'll probably lose that when I make my acting debut next Monday, what the heck, I may as well completely humiliate myself!
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Confidence. LM! Go out there and hold your head high! You can do it!

Use the power of positive thinking: I think, I can, I will.

If you really want it you CAN achieve it! You got the part in the play, they must have seen something great that told them you could do it! See that in yourself!
Get out there and "break a leg"

As for the IT course at Breck, taking it will enhance your skiing. Your background in fitness and ski exercise might be exactly what they are looking for to fill some other void in their roster (above and beyond skiing). You will not humiliate yourself it you do your best and keep your head high! Have confidence in yourself. One never knows what they are actually capable of till they try!
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Lisamarie-You are what some ski areas would describe as a "dream" ski instructor. You have already been ski instructing for years on this web site. You have always been totally guest centered, and cared about the person who asked questions. Your knowledge about fitness, and how it relates to skiing will make you an excellent on snow ski instructor. Read your "day of gratitude" thread again, and see again just how much you helped those other skiers. Every ski area wants an instructor with your similar attitude of wanting to return your love of the sport to others. I suggest you send a PM to Bob Barnes with your desire and questions. GO FOR IT!
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Aw shucks, Jim and Laurie! Now ya' went and got me all teary eyed!
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!
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