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Steeps at Snowbasin

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Where are the steepest lines at Snowbasin? I'm looking for steep like Alta/Snowbird, Jackson Hole and Squaw KT-22. I don't mind a short (10-15 min.) in bound hike if necessary. Thanks!
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There's plenty of it there.

Almost everything I'll describe involves going through a gate, so obviously you'll want to make sure they're open. I haven't skied there since volunteering at the Olympics, so I hope my memory isn't *too* off. Hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, just as a word of warning, there's a lot of terrain at Snowbasin that easily rivals any of the gnarliest stuff at Alta/Snowbird/Jackson. Be a bit careful until you've got a feel of the place.

Strawberry Chutes:

All of the cliffs/chutes below are accessible through the gate just down and to the south from the top of the Strawberry Gondola. Beware, the traverse along the top of the ridge to the extreme right of this photo is pretty "sporty". It feels like a lot of exposure as you go along this traverse. This is one of those places where the skiing may be just slightly easier than the getting there.

Also from the top of the Strawberry Gondola, you can hike north (right looking up) through a gate north of the gondola to DeMoisy Peak. This will get you into the Middle Bowl Cirque if you go around left to the saddle, or to some quite steep north-facing chutes if you angle toward the right shoulder of the peak.

Next comes Mt. Allen and John Paul areas:

From the top of the Mt. Allen tram (loads from the top of the John Paul quad), you can *perhaps* boot up and west to the south-facing and east-facing chutes off Mt. Allen. Make sure you know where you're going if you do these because a couple of the lines cliff-out before you get down.

Also from the Mt. Allen tram, you can go east over the top of the No Name hump into the No Name and Mt. Allen areas. There are a whole bunch of north and east-facing chutes in this area if you keep trending skier's left. Keep track of the base area as you descend this stuff because you might end up going too low and have a pretty big traverse back to the base of the John Paul chair.

Have fun. If Snowbasin got as much snow as Little Cottonwood Canyon, it would be my favorite Utah ski resort.

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that guy knows alot more than me, but i will ditto there is plenty of good there! No problems to find enjoyment for the day. Both the far right and the far left(looking up, or even down) are good. My key where ever i ski, keep traversing a bit right or left off the main slopes, follow the tracks, and hope it is not Teton Gravity leading the way! We ski it steep, steep, steep and in the muck all the way down whereever we go.
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Good post Bob. One correction the strawberry chutes are called "the sisters".
Heres a couple of pics of the middle bowl cirque:

Here are some lines off of Mt Ogden peak, If you go here PLEASE have someone show you the way, alot of exposure here:

I have some other areas you would like, but you have to go to know. let me know when you are coming and I can most likely give a little tour.
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Originally Posted by zion zig zag

One correction the strawberry chutes are called "the sisters".

Thanks for the correction, zzz. I wasn't really sure what the names of those were, so I included the photo.

This topic gets me all jazzed to come ski Snowbasin again. I really, really love that mountain.

I don't think I've mentioned (this year, anyway) that Snowbasin has to be the very best resort in Utah for spring corn skiing. I've had some of the best in-resort corn skiing of my life there. It's got so many different exposures that the spring snow sets up beautifully and you can follow the sun around nearly all day.

When is closing day this year and do you have good coverage all the way down the mountain?

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Thanks for those pic's of Mt. Ogden peak. My dumb buddy wanted us to head out that way in a blizzard last year when visibility was zilch, I tried to explain, not a good idea to be fooling around double black traverses to God knows where with that kind of weather, hard enough just getting down the little bowl up there. Thank God the wimp(me) won.

I skied Snowbasin 2004 April 1st weekend, and the conditions were decent, a little washy near the bottom, they were closing Strawberry I think that weekend, and the resort was closing I though? in a week or so. I would play it by ear, but likely to be at least decent. Nobody there. I'm heading for second trip same weekend and my kids insist upon hitting Snowbasin again, no problem i love it there, I think I like the "terrain" better than Alta for experts. I think the layout of Alta is a little bit clumsy. Except for limited runs on Wildcat, not really a top to bottom kind of place.
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I believe closing day is scheduled to be around the 16th. This afternoon the base at the bottom of strawberry was 41", 100" at 8500 feet. The only coverage problems we have right now are the south facing ridgelines out in strawberry.
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Skied there today.

3Z you are right, I have been reading your posts about your home, and I agree, the place rocks. I will be returning.

Stay away from anything south facing until it snows. Pure Crud. The others are fine.
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I guess there is more to a ski area than terrain, for some people, I like that mtn better than anything i've seen in Colorado, but your average person out here, East, has never heard of it.
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Originally Posted by glenncz
but your average person out here, East, has never heard of it.
Lets keep it that way please.

Sadly, I think the good old days are over. Skier numbers are increasing every year and lodging is right around the corner. I remember hiking to the John Paul area a week after a storm and skiing endless untracked.
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zion zig zag,

We're going to be at Snowbasin this Sat. 2/12 and possibly on Fri. 2/11 as well. Are you going to be skiing either of those days? Maybe we could get together for a few runs. Send me a PM if you're interested.
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>skiing endless untracked
haven't had a real powder day there, but yep, that's the place to be.
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Um, I believe Sisters is to the South of the Strawberry Gondola. The hike to the north of the Gondola takes you to DeMoisy. If you go to the South of the Gondola, hike up the ridge, you get into some unbelievable chutes, drops, and bowls. The entire Sisters area is like Snowbird, but less crowded. This year Snowbasin expanded the cat track to get you back to the Gondola a little easier. No Name and Allen are outstanding areas. If you get there on a snow day hit the Grizzley and Wildflower Downhills first. They won't groom it so you will get in around three runs before it gets tracked out, then start the hikes.

Local nutters head down the backside.
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