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a) Not having seen you ski, I am imagining that you are rotating your whole body to turn. This needs to be unlearnt.

b) No. Poles are a useful tool for timing and other things. Many drills use poles as tools to learn unrelated skills. Children commonly don't use poles because they don't hold onto them very well, and drop them from lifts...but as soon as they are able to manage poles they get them. No difference with the adult.

c) This means that you are not linking turns yet. Poles will help link turns. They are a must in moguls. "Uncomfortable" suggests to me that you have some stance/balance issues. These will certainly not be dealt with on steeper runs, where "survival mode" skiing will be learnt. That is not what you want to do.

d) I suggest you take a lesson so that the instructor can address your actual requirements. In general, speed is controlled by turn shape, which requires guiding the skiis by leg action and other coordinated activities. It's not a cyber space teaching thing....

I think the B2 is a good ski simply because it is wide enough to do everything, forgiving, and will skid as well as carve.

There are others that may be more suitable like perhaps the K2 Omni 5.5, which can be had quite cheaply. (It's only 68 mm underfoot, but will be better in bumps, and if cost is an issue.....)

You have to be honest with yourself, as to how much off-piste you will do. I also don't know height and weight, so I'm guessing at suggestions.

I'd certainly get some poles, and take some lessons before you ingrain any bad habits! Bad habits are very easy to learn, and hard to unlearn, especially if you actually think a certain move you need to unlearn is "safe".

Hope this helps.