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slope inclinometer

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I saw an article in SKI magazine which discusses how steep a run really is and using a slope inclinometer to start measuring slopes. A sidebar mentioned one that cliped onto the ski pole for a quick check on how steep a slope or run really is. Has anyone here actually used one of these devices to measure a run?
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I've used them in the backcountry, useful for evaluating avy terrain. They are very simple devices and are often included inside high-end compasses. An arm with an arrow swings freely and the marking around the clear plastic cap encasing that arm count off the degrees. Tilt it at an angle and the arrow points down (pulled down by gravity) and the marking it corresponds with is your slope angle.
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Or, you can just ask Pierre Eh how steep the run is huh A.C.? Got to be 45, na, 35?
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