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Closest ski area to Sacramento

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I have 1 day to ski in Tahoe area. It will be a non holiday Monday. What is the closest decent area to Sacramento. I land in Sacramento late Sunday night and am hoping for a minimum of driving the next morning. thanks
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Sugar Bowl would be my recommendation. Great snow, great mountain, close to Sac.
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I think Sierra-at-Tahoe is the closest to Sac by driving time. Better double-check this with someone who lives in Sac.

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I don't live in Sacramento but used to go there for work. Nearest place to ski is Sierra-at-Tahoe. East on Hwy 50 toward So Lake Tahoe about 1 hour + driving time. Easily doable in a day trip. Not as good as heavenly, squaw, but I doubt you'll be disappointed.
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Most of the north shore is close, but SugarBowl is Very close and one of my favorite areas anywhere.
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ski from sac

Sierra may be closer in miles but sugar bowl is probably faster in traffic. the real difference is the place and each is a bit different from the other. Sierra usually is more crowded but on a mon either will be sparce comparatively.
I like them both.
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From the airport, its 96 miles to Sugar bowl all on I-80 and 126 miles to Sierra on US 50. Sugar Bowl is the closest for time and distance. Would enjoy seeing you on the South end, but those are the facts according to Delorme. Just a suggestion, stay in Auburn, CA along I-80. You will only have 60 miles to the ski area.

I live along US50 and Ski at Sierra frequently. If traveling to Sierra, stay in Placerville (50 miles from Sierra), or Pollock Pines (37 miles from Sierra) along US50. I can get you phone numbers of good places along US 50 if you need them.
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HI everyone...I will also be in Sacramento for Christmas,and want to go to a nice,near place to ski,not expensive.

I also want to know if I need to use chains in my car if we drive in I-80

Also please recommend us  places to sleep there.


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