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Atomic sl 11m vs 9m vs head

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Hey guys what's up. Well i am new to the site and i think it's really cool. I really need your help on this.Atomic SL:11 M vs SL: 9M vs Head i. SL R.D

Well i am a 1.77 cm man with 72 kg and a former athlete. Now i am not in top shape but i enjoy a nice slalom ride. What i ask for my ski's is cutting edge precision and firm grip especially on ice.

What would you suggest to
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Well, you'd probably prefer the SL:11 to the SL:9 going by what you wrote, depending on how well you ski.

Personally, I race on the SL:11s and love them. I have no experience on the head slalom skis. Remember, the head and atomic top slalom skis will both be excellent at what they do, with only really personal differences between them. You are by far best off demoing both (really, as many slalom skis as you can get your hands on if possible).
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Well that's for sure. I have just tested today the Head sl chip system and they weren't that bad at all. I absolutely enjoyed the way they grip on the curve. I am just a little bit afraid about the smoothness the 11m would react. I want them to be kind of forgiving and to be smooth on hard ice.
Can you please tell me the big difference between the 9m and the 11m model.By mistake, I have read the best critics about the 11m.
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To be honest, I haven't skiied the SL:9. From what I've heard though, it's softer than the SL:11, which makes it more forgiving (my SL:11s do tend to kick me back if I mess up coming out of a tight turn), but will also make it not as good on ice or at high speeds. Generally, stiffer skis are better on ice, which makes them less forgiving, unfortunately.

Might be best to wait until somebody who has more experience than me can give you clearer advice than I can.
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Wellcome to Epic

I just bought the Head iSL RD in the length of 161cm. My other options were the Atomic SL11 & 9. Did not have the possibilitie to demo any of the skiis but I did ski on last years version of the SL9 last winter. I will probably get flamed here but I would suggest that the Head is in this case a real racing ski while the SL11 is not. For better or worse. The Atomic FIS racing skiis are different. The Head is a true sandwich ski and is therefore maybe better for racing. If you want a ski that makes effortlessly tight carved turns and performs well all over the mountain go for the SL9. The tighter radius is anyway better because its much easier to ease upp a little on your turn radius than to make it tighter. In this case your choises would be 1. SL9 or iSL RD or 2. SL11.

After 2 years of ski testing for a magazine I have made hundreds of runs on different skiis and found out that cap skiis react slower but are also smoother, more forgiving and easy to ski. The Atomics fall into a very own category with its super smooth, racer sharp and sensetive edge grip and stearing properties. However, the sandwich skiis Ive skiid from different manufacturers all point in the direction of skiis made with this manufacturing method. All WC racing skiis are sandwich construction partly because it is the only way to alter the shapes at reasonable costs but also because they are good on the course.

The Atomic SL9's are by far the cheapest ones out of your options. I got a good bargain on the Heads and its by far the best ski I have skiid on for a long time. And some of the teachers in the school has given me nice compliments on my new style.... I just smile and say to myselfe "thanks Head...."
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