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Atomic sl 11m vs 9m vs head

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Hey guys what's up. Well i am new to the site and i think it's really cool. I really need your help on this.Atomic SL:11 M vs SL: 9M vs Head i. SL R.D

Well i am a 1.77 cm man with 72 kg and a former athlete. Now i am not in top shape but i enjoy a nice slalom ride. What i ask for my ski's is cutting edge precision and firm grip especially on ice.

What would you suggest to me?
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Atomic Sl 11, my atomic SL 11's fs. (winky face) In more seriousness, i raced on the sl 9 last year, and on the 11 this year and i would reccomend the 11. The 9 is a lot of fun, and on a soft course or slope you could rail slalom turns to your hearts desire, but on hard groomers or a icey course they have a tendacy to slide out a lot more, not nearly as stiff or stable. I havn't skied the head sl'
s but i know most everything head makes it wicked solid and durable and theyre definetly worth a look. Hope that helps some. (i am 5"10 and 150 pounds)
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Spent the weekend on the SL11 and its just a superb ski that is tremendous on icy hardpack. I skied the Atomic 9'12 for a couple of years and I really like the power and the hard snow carving capabilility of the SL11 .

Anybody know if next year's Atomic ST is an updated SL11.
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I can't speak for the Atomic 11, but the Head i-SL RD is a real race ski, with just enough forgiveness and a soft tip so that it isn't too much work. Basically, as long as you can put that ski smoothly up onto edge, there is no performance limit-you can explode from turn to turn, or just let it run in super-G arcs if you prefer. I am your size and ski it in a 161, as 166 is long and more work in the turns (speaking about it's abilities as a freeski, not in the course). It is a very good choice. Head's race skis also have very fast bases and beautiful structure-we carry several lines of race stock, and Head's always impress me the most of the wrapper (they ski darned well, too). I am sure the Atomic is as good, maybe just different. I do know that the Head is "more ski" than the STANDARD Atomic SL11, which could be good or bad, depending on your preferences. I am not that familiar with Atomic, but I do know there is a race stock SL:11 which would be more comparable to the Head RD.
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