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North Face Sentinel

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Does anyone have any experiance with the North Face Sentinel fleece? I want a fleece that I can wear at freezing point temps, but I don't want to buy a full coat. I want something light that is warm and I am able to move. I also have been looking at the patagonia R2. Anyone have any experiances?
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Those are both good choices (I think the Patagonia is nicer). Other good choices: similar designs by Marmot, Mt Hardwear (I have one of their jackets that was discontinued this year that is great), Cloudveil, Arcteryx. REI fleece jackets are really nice, too, and a good buy. Definitely try them on, both alone and under your shell- different brands fit very differently. You will need to decide what features you like- if you get hot easily, look for pit zips, if cold easily, look for a snugging cord at the neck and hem. If yo carry a pack or climb, consider shoulder and elbow patches of some sort of abrasion resistant nylon. You should also decide about fabric. There are a few different variations on Polarfleece out there- Thermal Pro is like the older 200 weight in weight but warmer and more compactable. Wind Pro is more densly woven, and more wind resistant, but perhaps a little less breathable if you are really overheated.

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The Sentinel is a wind stop layer, mine will not keep me warm. It is made to stop the wind and wear a fleece under it. It is great as a spring time ski jacket as long as you wear warming layers under it. I have had mine for about three years and like it for what it is.

Remember most of the high end clothing is made to layer.
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Supposidly, TNF Pamir is a more of an insulating fleece. Anyone have experiance with this?
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