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Presidents week in Killington

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Hi - we are from the UK & need to know how much busier it's going to be between the 19th-27th Feb this year in Killington. We thought we'd be clever & avoid the European half-term, only to find out you guys are celebrating Presidents day at the same time!!! Are we likely to queue for more than 15mins per lift???
Also is Pico skiable from Killington yet - I know they have been talking about it for years??
Thanks in advance -
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Originally Posted by UK-Sallie
Hi - we are from the UK & need to know how much busier it's going to be between the 19th-27th Feb this year in Killington.

Also is Pico skiable from Killington yet - I know they have been talking about it for years??
How much busier then what? A normal day?

No they are not connected which is a good thing.
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Feb 19-17 is a busy time for resorts in the US. If you can change I would suggest it. If not, try to find other lifts then the ones evryone wants to alway's ski. At Killington the Needles eye area is a good bet. I'm sure there are others but just keep trying.
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single lines

It will be busy, but Killington is always busy. Last weekend was bussiest I've ever seen and it was managable if you stayed off gondola or some lower lifts. Use the single line and you will never wait more than 5 minutes.
One more thing, ski early in the morning and during the lunch break...
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Killingtons lines are not the issue, its mass of folks on the trails..............

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Oboy, you sure buggered this one. You're leaping clear out of the frying pan and into the fire.

You will endure crowds as bad as most anywhere in Europe, and conditions worse than just about anywhere on the planet (except Montana). At least you won't have to deal with rude french folks in the lift line, or rampant smoking. Just a rude New Yorker or 2.

Next time, post BEFORE planning! We're here to help.
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Killington can be tough anytime, let alone a holiday week! Don't worry though, there's plenty of terrain, it's just very crowded. The problem, IMHO, is uphill capacity. There are so many ways up the hill, the trails get very crowded. Keeping your distance can be a challenge. I had a pass there for 10 or so years and haven't been there in quite sometime, (~ 7 yrs). Back then, there were usually ways to find something good to ski when elsewhere gets skied off. I assume things are somewhat the same, although I hear it's more crowded.

Definitely start early, eat early or late, and ski thru lunchtime. Take your lunch with you if you can and eat in whatever lodge you're near at the time, there's plenty of them. We always were first up and first to quit, as the place can get skied off in an amazingly short amount of time, especially the steeps.

Pico is not connected.

Next time you plan to come to the states for a ski trip, consider our west, (Utah, Colorado, California, Montana, etc). If I had to fly to get to a destination, I would not ski the east US. Our snow is very unreliable and your chances of a dump are significantly less than out west. I'm not saying you're guaranteed great conditions in the west everytime, (I've seen it bad a couple of times), but they get lots more snow as a rule. For a few quid more on the plane ticket and a few more hours in the air, it's usually well worth it!! You have to rent a hotel/condo and get a car anyway, why not increase your chances for a good time?

Look at our holidays more closely and avoid 'em. We can get stupidly crowded too!
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The 19th through 21st will be somewhere between very busy and totally insane, depending on how good the snow and weather conditions are. Ski/ride on the Skyeship Gondola side of the mountain and use it, Needles Eye, Sunrise, South Ridge, and Bear Mtn lifts as your main uphill transports most of the day. Stay away from K-1 gondola base if possible, where 15-30 minute waits could be the norm those 3 days. One or two of those days would be a good time to check out Pico, if you have a multi-day/multi-area ticket. It is not ski-lift linked, but I believe you can get public transportation there if you don't have a rental car. Lines are always less at Pico, often much less.
To be more optimistic - the weekdays of Feb 22-25 should be fun and considerably less busy at both areas. Feb 26 and 27 could be busy again as Killington gets a lot of weekend visitors, but much less than the popular, long Presidents Weekend. The eastern US needs snow right now, and with some luck we might get it before your dates. Mid-February is often the peak time in Vermont for good snow conditions, but as another reader said our West is best for a weeklong stay from far away.
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