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These came up in the "stiffer boot" thread, but I thought most people would be interested...

Behold the HotRods... I'll try them on today and report back later

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That link don't work dag nab it. :-)
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Oops, I got my post in too late. jstraw's link works fine, by golly.
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The shop that has them out didn't have the diablo fire's that I wanted. So I head down that way. Maybe some other time soon I'll check down there.
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Hot Rod was exceedingly soft for my tastes. Much, much softer than the Beast.
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Jim S,

Can you go into more detail. I'm looking at these also.

Softer? The Beast has a flex of 120 or 110. This seasons Hot Rod is a 130 flex. Did you some how try on next seasons Hot Rod which is a 115 flex?
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bong tells me that his Hot Rods (next year's model) are 130 flex, and are certainly not "soft".
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To clarify. The Hot Rods being sold and skied, by shop employees and people with conections, today, I'm calling this years model.

Next seasons Hot Rod release to the public will be a softer flexing boot. I think the Rep told me a 115 flex today.

Sorry for the confusion.
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My HotRods have a sticker on the side that says 130 flex. They are definitely stiffer than the Beast. Feel very much like this year's Doberman Pro 130 in flex. The HotRod is next years boot supposedly only available to shop employees. Hadn't heard that they were changing the flex and the Nordica Reps didn't say anything about it today. I did find out that the HotRod boot is 101 in the forefoot compared to 98 for the Dobie Pro.
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I'm stoked to try it.

The rep today told me it is based on the Dobie 130 but they grind out the shell a little more. It came up as we were talking sizing. Because of the thiner walls of the Hot Rod shell compaired to the Dobie 130 it fits about a .25 shell size larger. Bottom line is you may wear a different Hot Rod size than a Dobie 130 which might explain the 101mm vs 98mm.
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About a month ago I tried a bunch of boots: Salomon X Wave 10, Nordica Beast, Nordica Hot Rod, a bunch of Technica, Lange Comp 120 and I thought the flex (fore and aft/bending my knees and ankles) was softest in the Beast and Technica models. The XW10 was the stiffest. Beast only slightly less stiff than the XW10 but it fit my ankle much better.
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