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superlight binding???

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superlight binding???

i am searching all over the net to find the most lightweight pist/offpist binding. thus far have found
tyrolia sl 100 abs (1,6 kg) and rossis axium 100 (1,5 kg) but still hoping to find a solid binding in about the
1 kg range...could be custom. anybody out there to help?
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Salomon Ti's are very light. Next years Neox is alos supposed to be a lightweight binding.
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phil, you think the salomons ti line is less weight than i.e. rossis axium 100?

the new neox are 400g less but still way to heavy.
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AT bindings are all light by alpine standards. The Dynafit is by far the lightest, at 66o grams but you need special boots. Fritschi Freerides are 1.99 kg/pair and fit regular boots very well and have proven to be very rugged.
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have the fritschi allready on one of my backcountryskis. the freeride is not first choice for fast skiing on groomers, not stable enough to bring skiers weight to the edges accurately.
i just wonder why dynafit doesnt bring a pistbinding with its exeptional weight of less than 1 lbs for the new titanium edition and have the fitting ajusted to
regular boots? that would fit my requirements perfectly!
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