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Superspeed length recommendations....

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After riding the Superspeeds (175cm) at Stratton's demo day in December, I'm pretty set on getting myself a pair of these. But I'm torn on which length to get...the 175 or the 182.

History: I'm an expert skier that's been on the hill for 26 of my 29 years. I'm a strong skier that's comfortable in all conditions. Most of my skiing is on eastern groomers, and I like to rip (ski fast). My current quiver includes the 1999 Atomic 10.20 and 2002 R11, both in a 180cm length. I actually like the 10.20s better, as they seem to have a stiffer tail than the newer R11s I own. I weigh 150lbs with all my gear on, sans skis. And I have NO trouble turning my current skis in ALL conditions. I ski my Salomon SB10s for some variety when I want to make short turns.

Back to my original point: the Superspeed in a 175 or 182? I demoed the 175, but the Volkl rep said he skis the 182 and recommended I try those as well (he didn't have these that day). I've skied a friend's R:EX in 184 a bunch of times and didn't have any issues with that length.

I also skied some legit GS skis at the demo day, including the Rossi 9X in a 185, and Head's GS ski in a 180-something. Basically I'm looking to be talked out of the Superspeed in the 182, in favor of the 175. So I'm not really convinced that skier weight has anything to do with ski length. Because everyone seems to think my current skis are too long for me.

Any info/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Has anyone skied these skis in this length?
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I own the Superspeeds in 175. I occasionaly think I'd like the 182 for warp speed cruising, but I race on them, and I think it would be too much in that case. I am 6' and 195 lbs. by the way. I can't imagine you'd want the 182.

FWIW - Dave Merriam who is former coach of the PSIA demo team and skis infinitely better than me has two pairs a 175 and a 168. He's about my size.
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I'm 5'9", 184lbs and on the 182. I skied both the 175 and 182 and the 175 skied too short for me.

Additionally, it seems that everyone of the PSIA demo team members I've skied with ski on short skis, so Dave's choice would be expected. It's much easier for them to teach/demonstrate on a shorter ski.
Anyway, for your weight, Epic is right, go for the 175.
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Agree with HarkinBanks, I'd go for 182cm, 175 would be more for a slalom-type skiing. Also, 182's should be more stable for GS turns.
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Thanks guys. The decision will be made at the time of purchase, but I'm leaning towards the 182 at this point.
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Wow, I'm amazed that you didn't get pushed towards the shorter length. Wow.

That superspeed sounds kinda cool, if I get a chance to demo it I will. However, I find that with modern GS race technique, free skiing on a 70mm waist ski is pretty useless. You are just looking to boot out. In all seriousness, my carving ski these days is a 185 cm Salomon Xtra Hot (82mm waist, 22m sidecut), with S916's and lifters for about a 60mm stand height. Enough beef, lots of lift and lots of width. I can roll them over at a 60-70 degree edge angle in variable groomed snow and stand on them without worring about booting out. Can't do that on a 70 mm ski. Heck, I do a good bit of groomed snow freeskiing on 91mm waist, 201 cm stockli asteriods with a decent amount of lift - you can lean those things over forever at 50+ mph and lay down screaming super-g arcs.

If you're serious about GS carving, with a real GS technique, check out something 75mm to 85 mm wide. You'll be amazed at how hard you can lay them over.
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