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Machete McH

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Has anyone been in a ski shop in the area that possibly still has a pair of these skis? They are the Shane McConkey model with the semi-twin-tip. If you happen to run into a pair feel free to PM me. Thanks!
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Are you talking about the 'Machette Sin' or is there yet another Volant model?

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Well, according to my Oct. 2000 Skiing Mag, they are called the Machete McH, however the Sin does ring a bell. I can't say for sure if they are the same ski. The McH has a waist of 92 and is basically a fat twin tip without a lot of sidecut. The dimensions are 110/92/102.
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Yes I did a search on the McH and it definately existed although I can't find it on Volant's new website.

From Volants' web site -

The Machette Sin
Huge fast and powerful. This is a Shane McConkey designed "super-fat" twin-tip specifically built for the biggest of big mountain descents.

24m radius, 185cm

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