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Metron 11 vs. Metron 9

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Can anyone describe the differences between the various metron's? I demoed the m11's last weekend in Vail and they were awesome. I'm currently on 2003 scream 10 pilots and skied the m 11 in a 162 length. I'm 46, 5'9 and 165. Probably would be considered between a level 7 and 8 skier. I don't ski anything too radical though. We didn't have much snow in Vail the week of 1/25-31, but the front side conditions were generally good packed/hardpacked. I'm used to skiing in So. Vermont and this was my first trip out west. Skiing in the trees in Blue Sky Basin was a blast. The back bowls were crud/ice untill the sun softened it up. The m11's were bullit proof. I found them much quicker edge to edge than the scream 10's. (170 cm.) I was able to ski them much faster and more aggresively, with more control. My only dislike was the weight. Those things weigh a ton. I think a lot of the weight is in the bindings. I would be interested if next years version will be a little lighter. Am curious to know what the difference is between the 9, 10 and 11. I think the b5 would probably be too stiff for me. Thanks
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The b5 and M:11 have the same dimensions, but the b5 uses the magnesium Beta 5 rails for better tortional control. The M:10 and M:9 have different dimensions, so will ski a bit differently, but many folks really like them (Flexon Phil digs the M:9, even though he rocks the mountain on his Kryptons). They'd certainly be worth a demo for you.

I think that the b5 might be a bit better in eastern conditions than the M:11 (for some other thoughts, see my earlier demo thread). I don't think that the b5 skis like a lot more ski than the M:11, and I prefer the b5.
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