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Can a long AT binding be shortened?

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I have looked at a few sites that have the Last seasons Long fritschi Freerides on sale. It seems that since there isn't a plate that you might be able to cut the bar down to a proper size then reattach it to the heal or toe piece? Has anyone done this or know of anyone who has done this?
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After looking at my Freerides, it looks like it could be done as you've described. I'm not sure if the structural integrity of the bar extends the entire distance or not. Since you're in Utah, stop by BD and ask the guys in warranty/repair. Oh yea, I'm sure the warranty would be void, but in 6 years with 4 different Fritschi bindings I've only had to use it once
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I've wondered the same thing and was talking to a friend about it today. There is a slot in the bar which would need to be cut longer. It might be possible to cut the bar down from the front and remount it, but that woud require re-positioning and re mounting the anti-friction device. I'm sure it could be done and for the right person it would be worth the $80-100 difference in price, but I don't think it is as simple as one would hope.
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I'm pretty sure it won't work. If you look on the bottom of the bar you will see a small screw in a hole with a torex head. I know from personal experience that this screw holds the heel piece in spot on the bar. If you were to cut the bar, this hole and screw would either disappear or not line up properly. As far as cutting off the front; I have tried very hard to remount a toe piece on a bar. You gotta be Hulk Hogan to do it. You have to compress a spring while threading a screw. I just wasn't strong enough. I'm not sure the savings are worth the aggravation.
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Originally Posted by TOLOCOMan
I'm not sure the savings are worth the aggravation.
True, true
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I bought some left over long freerides from a website and was able to, just barely, get them to fit my boot length. If I get AT boots that have a shorter length, then I will be attempting to reengineer the bindings.

I believe the way to go is to take The end cap off and actually cut the bar down. The slot in the bottom of the bar runs long enough and shouldn't have to be extended. There is an adjustment rod/screw you can see running lengthwise inside the bar that moves the heel piece fore and aft. The screw is plenty long enough to move the heel up closer to the toe, but the have a bead of metal as a stop that seems to be pressed on to the rod/screw.
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Yes, it can be done: I have seen a Long pair that was modified to fit a 310mm boot.
But - the work was performed by a professional machinist with specialized tools.
And - the recipient has used the bindings for only a few short outings, so long-term durability has not been tested.
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Thanks i want down to White Pine Touring Ski Shop and gave a careful look at the Freeride. I do think it can be done. but It would take more work then i thought. if I had a drill press and some other tools pluse a working drewing of the freeride i could be done. guess i'm just going have to pony up the $350 or whatever and get the shorts.
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Check out the sale over at mountainmiser.com - I doubt prices are going to drop much more this spring, since big price hikes are rumored for this fall.
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Thanks for the post Jonathen. I'll check them out
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Just purchased the nexo for $239.00 Thought would give them a shot since they were a littel less then the Freeride. I understand that nexo fixed the problems they had last season. Nice price on boots as well. Thanks again for that link.
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