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How often to wax ski's?

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Well this is a real newbee question. I've got rossignol cobra sx ski's (04) and would like to know how often they should be waxed to keep them running like smooth and fast for years. I like to ski mostly intermediate and a few black diamonds, skiing hard from morning till evening (what I consider hard).

I'm guessing it's based on snow conditions, granular and icy=more frequent waxing? (shop told me every 5-6 times)

My ski's were starting to show some white scuffing (where the wax is wearing off) so I applied to swix quick and easy paste wax. I realize that paste doesn't last as long as hot, so how often should I apply that?

As for edges about how many times before they need sharpening?

Thanks for helping. sorry for such as basic question.
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Welcome to EpicSki! I wax them every single time I ski. I like to make sure that I keep wax on the ski to protect as well as make them ski better.
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It really is based on a personal thing...it is easier to ask 'what is the maximum time I can go without waxing', for which the answer would be, when your bottoms get dull and/or you are noticing baseburn. (Base burn is a whiteish <on black bottomed skis> fuzzy-mold looking thing that indicates your bases are drying out).

For instance, in the beginning of the season when I'm not 'pushing it', I wax every, say, 3-5 times on the average wet and manmade snow.

As the season moves on and I am used to the skiing and starting to push the envelope I will wax every 2 times, or even every time, even though the bottoms are not 'dull colored' yet. This is to acheive maximum speed. Does it make THAT much of a difference? Honestly, prolly not. But it makes a difference in my head.

For you, who is new at it, I would say what the shop told you was accurate, unless the bottoms of your skis are not shiny anymore.
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If you use high temp (0 to -7 C) on a cold day (-20 C) it will all be gone at the end of the day. On the other hand, if you use the proper wax on a warm day and don't bother to scrape it all flat, thinking the snow can do your job for you, your ski's will still have tons of wax making the bottoms convex at the end of the day.
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How often to wax skis ?
When ever I'm bored or need to get out of the house . There is always one pair that needs attention , good music blasting a few cold beer the smell of wax and p-tex ...........you see it's almost a religious thing with some of us.
On a technical note the snow determines what I'm going to do , I will say that it's a rare day that our skis ever get to see snow without waxing about every 3 times out.
This may be overkill for some but like I said it could be considered a religion to some.......and welcome to epic.
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Every 30 ski days-weather they need it or not.
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RossignalSkier6 -

I am not the skiing guru on this board that others are, but I wax mine after each day of "hard skiing". By "hard skiing", I mean a solid 5 to 6 hours with no "stops" or "rest breaks" during a run.

I use a simple hydrocardon wax, my favorite for the Pacific Northwest (when we actually have snow) being Swix CH-7. If I'm skiing several days in a row, then at the end of the day, I'll wipe my bases off with base cleaner and let the skis sit for a couple of hours. Then I hot wax (I never use the quick wax stuff). The next morning before going skiing I'll scrape.

If I travel, then I'll pack my ski vices and wax iron with me! I'll use lots of newspaper to keep from making a mess in the hotel room.

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My trips are all 3-5 ski days. I did an edge tune after my last one. Last night I did a hot scrape with CH-7 then did cold scrapes with Dominator base prep and the CH-7.

I think on my next trip I'm just going to take a guide and diamond stone and some Cera-F and a cork and my horsehair brush.
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Seems as if I'm doing alright then, when I start to see some base burn (where wax is showing white) I should probably have them hot waxed and I'll discuss type of wax for conditions.

Does anyone use paste wax inbetween waxing? How well does it work? Just applied some for the first time and it didn't go on as smooth as I thought.
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I sometimes use the paste wax to clean off muck from warm snow. I never use it to go skiing on. I generally clean by using a parafin type wax ironed on and scraped off. The process floats contamination out of the ski and into the wax disposal bucket.

I hot wax every day, using a wax appropriate for the snow temperatures expected. I warm the ski bottom with the iron and rub on the wax, then iron it out. No scrapering generally needed. Hard waxes applied on the coldest days I usually scrape while warm.

My boss, a former Austrian national team member, says if you have left a base unwaxed long enough to produce those white fuzzy spots, you've damaged the plastic beyone repair. He told me the team used to send skis with that sort of damage back to the factory to have the bases replaced.
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Get a good base guide and a side bevel guide to remove burrs and bring the edges up to snuff after every day of skiing. Sun Valley , race place or reliable racing all carry good products. I wax after every day of skiing, I kind of like taking care of equipment that will carry me down a hill at a high rate of speed. I enjoy the feel of a well tuned ski, hate to skid and love to glide well. Its a labor of love that doesn't take all that long provided you do it all the time. Have fun.
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Whoa. I just priced the Cera-F...not gonna happen. What do other people cork in?
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The missing point here is how many days will you put on them a year?

I wax about every two to three days. This will keep the bases in pretty good shape.

I do NOT recommed running them into those "Quik-Tune-While-U WAIT' shops that do a fast base grind and a "wax" slurry. Well waxed skis with reasonable bases will rarely need a base grind. Just get the shop to do a hand edge tune and wax. Those machines do more harm than good. Better dropped off and left for the evening every so often.

Simple waxing can be done at home with a warm iron and a plastic windshield scraper .... buffed out with a scotch brite pad. I have the whole bench set up at home but managed to do a reasonable job a few weels ago with the iron, an old credit card and a hair brush (in a motel).
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Originally Posted by Yuki
...but managed to do a reasonable job a few weels ago with the iron, an old credit card and a hair brush (in a motel).
We are all wishing you luck the next time your significant other grabs the hairbrush...
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I hot wax after after every day when I'm home, every 2-3 days when I'm away, depending upon how badly they need it and whether I can do it myself or have to give them to a shop (usually a function of the kind of place we're staying at). It's not about winning any races, but preserving the bases and having the skis glide nicely.

Regardless of how often I wax, I touch up the edges with a diamnond stone every day.
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