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Delerium Dive yardstick

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My goal this year is to ski the Dive. It's a bit more than I want to bite off just yet, but by the end of the year, I think I'll be ready. Can someone suggest a run to use as a yardstick to judge whether or not I'm up to it? What do I have to able to ski on Goat's Eye before I'm ready?
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No experience with the Dive personally, but this link has some pictures and a good description of someone elses first trip there, including their opinion of good preparation runs. Wish I could say I'd been there.
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Beacon, shovel and buddy

I understand that in order to even be allowed on the terrain at Delirium Dive you have to have a avalanche beacon, shovel and that you cannot ski alone. Click on the link for more info www.skibanff.com/mountain/extreme.html. The Sunshine Village site recommends that you're comfortable on double blacks like Farside and Wildside on Goat's Eye Mtn. Have fun!
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If you can walk down snow covered stairs in your ski boots; you're ready for the Dive. The stairs getting in are the hardest part. It's easier to huck the cornice. Seriously, once you're in, the skiing is pretty easy on most lines. There are options for really hard terrain, but the majority aren't very hard.
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He's right about the dive , most are intimidated by the stairs (far better than it was a few years back though). stick to the steepest stuff you can find on Goats Eye (you know lots of rocks and little snow) , this should get you tuned for the dive.
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