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Copper 3/4 With....

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Bonni and Skier J!!!

Bonni and Skier J will be visiting us in early March. Anyone who wants to meet up with them should come to Copper on March 4th. We're also planning a pot luck dinner party for them on Sunday, March 6th. Let me know if you're interested.

Hopefully, we'll show them such a good time that they won't want to go back to Vermont!
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I'm in for the potluck and will ski with you guys if not working.:
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I'll be guiding 3/5, but don't think I'll be able to be up there on the 4th or 6th...
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Ssh; let us know if you want to meet up for drinks or dinner after you guide on Saturday.
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
Ssh; let us know if you want to meet up for drinks or dinner after you guide on Saturday.
Fair enough! Will do.
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We are in for drinks sat or sun. will try and meet for skiing on sat....
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Kima, I'll PM you when we finalize the details for the potluck party on Sunday. On Saturday, we will probably ski at either Breck, Keystone, Vail or Beaver Creek. BTW, the last night of Mark's show is on Sat. March 5th. Bonni and Jeff and perhaps some other folks will be there.
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Great, I was hoping I could go someplace on our pass. If we do Keystone everyone can park at our place and return for drinks and snacks. We will be happy to go elsewhere though. The show sounds fun too.
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Yay...I have to meet Bonni!!!! (and Skierj too). As long as nothing goofy happens...count me in to ski the 5th and maybe the 6th too. Is Marks show still going on then?
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The last night of the show is the 5th. It will be fun to get a bunch of people there. Keystone may be a good idea for Saturday. Even if we hang out at Kima's afterwards, we are close enough to Dillon, so we'll have time to get home, change and head out to the theater.
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Sounds like a wonderful plan! We'll be there with bells on....jingle jingle!
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So what's the plan? Ski Copper on Friday, Keystone on Saturday, ??? on Sunday? I will be able to ski at least Saturday and Sunday, if not Friday as well.
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Hate to bail but rented out our Condo that weekend to help finance the trip to Italy Really when I did , I did not realize it was that weekend. I was so happy to get the rental I forgot to look at the dates. Damn it.
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Day trip out of the question, Kima? We go sometimes for a 6 hour drive to ski a day.
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I am going to be in Las Vegas for a company meeting till Friday. Need to see when I get back, maybe...going to try though.
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When I posted this, I didn't realize that the Gravity Games will be at Copper on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There's no parking at Copper, but there are shuttles from Silverthorne and Frisco. That being said, some of the trails will be closed, and it may be a total zoo!

We are thinking about changing plans and going to either Vail or Beaver Creek on Friday. We will probably ski Keystone on Saturday, given that it's close to Dillon. That way we can get back, change, and head out to Breck for Mark's play.
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With their recent snowfall and more on the way, I'd think Vail/BC conditions would be fantastic. Sorry I can't join the fun.
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Coach, will we be seeing you in late March? Vail may also be better considering we have two flatlanders with us. Copper base is something like 9700, as opposed to Vail, which is about 8100. According to DP, that's a significant difference.
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I'll be there from 3/18-27.
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Okay. How about this? Copper will probably be unskiable that weekend because of the Gravity Games. Bonni and Skier J may go there as spectators on 3/3. That way they can acclimate. 3/4 will be Vail. 3/5 is Keystone. Catch the last night of Mark's show that evening.

Originally planned for Copper on 3/6, but I'm thinking perhaps Beaver Creek will be a better idea. Sunday night will be a potluck party. Details to be announced. Let us know if you're interested. Monday we'll be at Breck.
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