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I have been thinking of switching to a new boot for a while. I'm still an old-time skier, like the long/thin SL boards, mostly in the bumps. I recently bought a pair of Volkl 6 stars - haven't adjusted to the different feel or technique yet. No problems with long, high speed carving, but bumps have been an adventure. I find my Dynastar 9S's much easier in them, but I LOVE the Volkls everywhere else. I thought it might be my boots. I have 15 yr old Lange TII's that were custom fit and remain comfortable. I have a thin/flat foot. I went to a highly recommended shop/boot fitter today and his first words were, "that's a great boot, why change?" He checked them out, said that the custom fitting was impressive, and said not to change unless they're uncomfortable.

I ended up trying the Speedmachines and Lange Comp 120 LF's. I couldn't tolerate the Langes, as the hind foot really pinched my ankle. The Nordicas were awesome. The liners are much more comfortable than mine - they're much thicker (and apparently warmer). Side to side though, I didn't see a huge difference in fit between the Speedmachines and my TII's.

My question - is it worth changing? I don't mind spending the money, but why bother getting used to a new boot with fitting if it's not necessary. I was told by many that the TII's are too stiff front to back, not stiff enough side to side and they put weight too far forward. This boot fitter countered by saying that 1) the Speedmachines are just as stiff, 2) the Langes are stiff enough that they provide good side to side support, 3) the TII's are a great boot - Lange still uses the same type shell in their racing boots. He felt that my problems were more technique oriented and that time would take care of it. The main benefit to changing would be for comfort and warmth.

He was a very nice guy, seemed very knowledgeable and honest. I almost wanted to buy the boots anyway. The price was good as well - about 525. I plan on skiing this weekend again. He told me to come back and pick the Speedmachines up if I got sore.