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Bandit XX Length

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Got the chance at long last to demo the XX over Xmas and liked it a lot. Only problem is I only got to try the 184 length. Wondering if I am likely to benefit from going up to 191. Weight varies between 170 and 184 pounds. I am 5'11'' and an advanced level skier. Can ski aggresively but not always. Like to ski powder but enjoy bumps and fast trails also. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
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I have the 191, and you and I are very similar in build and skier type. I love em'. It ski's a bit longer but not enough to make a huge difference. The only thing you may notice is that it will take a bit more effort in the bumps and trees with the added length. However in early morning cordoroy with no one around they really shine!
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Excellent ski, I've had two pairs over the last four years. I currently have last years in a 191. They are for sale now because I have this years in a 184. I downsized because this years ski is a little wider and has more sidecut. It's definitly quicker but still has good float. Smoother in the crud too. The shorter length makes it a lot better in the bumps for me. I'm around 190 lbs. right now. I wouldn't hesitate going for the 184 if I were you. you're gonna love them.
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