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A bit off the beaten path

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Tired of the same old ski trip? Try this one on for size.

Grab discount Delta or Southwest flight to SLC. Rent a car (no need for SUV). Drive to Logan, Utah, 80 miles to north. Stay in one of many motels in town.

Next day, ski Beaver Mountain, 25 minutes up Logan Canyon. $30. If new snow within last four days, I'll get sick and come find you guaranteed powder. Stop at Norda's (77 North Main) for discount pass to Snowbasin. $46. Eat at Sabor's that night (bottom of Center STreet - converted train station).

Next day, drive to Snowbasin via I-84. One hour if you push it, 70 if you don't. That night, eat at Gia's Italian (Factory Pizza with a beer in basement), or try Calloway's in Smithfield.

Next day, drive to Powder Mountain (exit I-15 at 12th street - follow to Ogden Canyon). $43. That night, eat at Hamilton's.

Next day, repeat as often as desired.

Or, stop at Norda's and get a $12 discount for Jackson Hole. Drive to Jackson, Wyoming (3 1/2 hours throught Soda Springs and Tincup Pass). Ski with Bob Peters.

Next day, drive to Targhee and ski the entire mountain.

Next day, drive to SLC and fly home.
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I would stay away from the Logan part of the trip and focus on Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. Stay in Ogden and enjoy the bars and restaurants on 25th street. Not a bad scene.

Snowbasin is worth it.
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Cool sounding itinerary, I may do some variation of that in March, slotting one day for the interconnect tour.
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One of these days I have to get up to Beaver. it's the only place in Utah I haven't skied.
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Why stop at Targhee? I'd keep heading north and do a loop through SW Montana (though not this year due to the record drought.) From Targhee hit Maverick Mountain, Discovery, Lost Trail, Snowbowl & Silver Mountain (in Idaho.) Drop the car off in Spokane and fly home.
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That MT loop might be good 2 years out of 10. UT will be great 8 of 10.
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I went to Utah State and skied Beaver all the time. Never crowded, nice terrain and lots of ungroomed slopes, low lift prices, no glitz. Family owned area where you can feel comfortable bringing your own lunch and just enjoy the snow. Show them some support, or this kind of ski area is going to disappear.
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