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The deals are now out!

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Just want to let everyone know that ski shops are starting to clear their inventories. I just picked up a pair of 2004-2005 Atomic SX9's (Orange/Grey version) with 412 bindings off Ebay for 355.00.

The deals are now out, however you must be willing to search for them.
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Spent my cash for the year now. Only way I'll get a chance to bid on more Ebay skis is if I break one of my 5 pairs. I'm trying but some of these skis are pretty strong. thanks for the info, sounds like you got a great deal.
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I would say that since Cupolo left eBay, good deals are few and far between. I picked up a pair of Atomic GS11s in 181 cm for $199.99, and 614 bindings for $79.99 in early December, not a time known for good deals. Now most of what I see are sizes and models that are dead stock, but at prices that are higher than what I paid at the height of the market for a top end ski in its most popular size. I really miss Cupolo.
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