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Head S12 boot question

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Earlier tonight I purchased a pair of Head S12 boots. I have been skiing on 99-00 X-Screams for 5 or so seasons and they are just dead. I always had to unbuckle them on the lifts because they put pressure on the sides of my feet, it wasn't bad unless I was skiing bulletproof snow but this season it just felt worse so I am getting new boots.

The shop recommended Head and the S12 for having a large volume/wide feet for feet line mine. They felt good in the shop, which has a 7 day return policy and will also do any/all work necessary for the boot to fit right. I wore them for a few hours while watching TV and walked around in them at home, buckled up but not cranked or anything. I felt the same pain in the sides of my feet that my X-Scream's gave me, but other than that they felt good. I suspect these hot-spots can be ground out.

What concerned me is when I searched about the S12 on here, people were calling it a low volume and even narrow fitting boot. I trust this shop and have been going there for years, they sell Salomon, Rossi, Atomic and Head boots. Did they sell me the wrong boot for my wide feet? I am 5'10 180 and ski aggressively all over the mountain prefering speed and big turns (ex-racer).

The fore/aft flex is quite soft compared to my X-screams (which I found soft compared to race boots) but I have read this is common in newer boots as the focus is on lateral movement, tipping the ski etc. They seem laterally stiff and I like the upright stance as I can easily flex them into a more aggressive position.

Just looking for comments on these boots regarding the width issue and whether I should be looking at other brands.

Also considering getting custom footbeds, they had Superfeet (cork) and some other newer type of lower-volume footbed the salesperson recommended I try as it will take up less space in the boot, I forget the exact model but will find out tomorrow.

Thanks for any help.
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Ski Magazine in the Buyer's Guide issue described the S12 'S fit as roomy toebox snug everywhere else. There should be a plastic chassis inside the boot that you can remove to provide more room, this chassis appparently can be is also adaptable and can be used in whole or in part, which I assume means in the forefoot and the heel. Good luck.
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Head (formerly San Marco) make almost the narrowest non-plug boot shells on the market. Sounds like your local shop was trying to "move some product" and not put you in the proper boot for your feet.
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The Head S12 fits plenty wide. It comes with the removable chassis-unscrew the small screw in the boot board and remove the chassis. You can cut down the plastic with an X-acto knife wherever you have pressure. With all of the chassis cut away, forefoot width is 103mm, which is wide enough for most any skier (X-wave's are about 100.5mm). Stock, with chassis not cut away, the width is still only 100mm, which is wider than most companies top-end boots (it seems like both the Lange and Tecnica top consumer boots are 98mm). High performance boots really don't come wider than this-a co-worker has super-sausage feet (some of the widest dogs I have ever seen) and he skis last year's World Cup 103 (same last as yours w/chassis cut away) with minor punching-they are super comfortable for him.

Did they heat fit the liner for you? Those liners are overbuilt and take forever to pack out. If you had the liner heated up, put the boot on, opened and closed your toes into a ball while still hot, and it didn't give you any room, you may want to remove the chassis and do some modification. If you find that you cut away the chassis too much, you can always get another and start again (they are real cheap).

What was the shell fit like? If the shell fits, the liner can be made to fit real easily. How was the forefoot width when you shell-fit? If it is tight, then cut away a bit of the chassis. If that doesn't do it, have the boot punched out a bit to create a little more room-the shop should do that for free (or real cheap, if you got the boots for cheap). IMO, there is no better consumer boot than the S12, and it is probably the easiest high-performance boot on the market to fit. If you wanted something wider, you are probably going to have to look at some "comfort" intermetdiate model (from Head, that is the Edge series, but it isn't a realistic option for a high-performance skier). Much better to do some modification on this one, starting with the chassis, then onto some minor punching. I really doubt, unless you have serious sausage feet, that you are looking at more than 20-30minutes of work. Regardless of the work involved, you will have a great set of boots when done! If your shop doesn't boot-fit, go see a bootfitter, and have him take care of it.
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Thanks for the replies.

Looking further into it, this boot is very wide, I believe the shop was correct. I ended up actually going down a size (29 to 28), got them heat fitted and bought some cheap generic footbeds (going to investigate orthotics as my health coverage from work should cover most/all of it). Had the plastic chasis removed as it was just adding unneeded pressure. They feel much better after the heat fit with the insoles to lift my flat arches up. Going to ski on them tomorrow and probably go back to get them punched out a bit on the sides by the shops bootfitter. Surprised how comfortable they are. I'll update this after tomorrow.

Dawg, thanks for all the advice, I tried I believe a Head Edge or possibly RC/RS (??) all black boot, didn't get the model number, it was very comfortable but way too soft, I could flex it way forward without even trying.
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No problem! Glad that you found a boot that worked out well for you!
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