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atomic sx7

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I just found a deal for a brand new 2005 atomic sx7 with the device 310 bindings for $338.. I am seriously considering these for my second pair of skis and was wondering if you guys think this is a good deal. Also, are sx7s just more flexible and giving than the sx10's (I skiied sx10 for a week or so and loved them).. I am advanced skiier looking for some quality carvers for hard packed vermont conditions... thanks
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As far as I know the SX7 is alot more flexable then the SX10. I have only skiied the SX10 and the SB:B5 and found the B5 to be alot stiffer then the SX10 aswell.
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I have skied the sx 7s and sx 9s the edge hold is better on the sx 9s and I would have to believe the sx 10s would be the same. The Sx10 or SL 11 is my next ski Skip the sx 7s
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Yeah, I would stay away from the SX7's if you are an advanced skier.
Take a look at ebay for some SX9's or SX10's
I know that in the Toronto area, the SX9's are going for $399.00 Cdn.
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