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Bulk hand/foot warmers

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Anybody know of a good website to buy the chemical handwarmers and footwarmers (the stick to your sock kind) by bulk on the internet?
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Try Costco for Handwarmers. Last year they had them for under $20.00 for 40 pairs of handwarmers. Don't know about foot warmers.

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I don't know about a "good" site, but just google "toe warmers" and you'll get several. Costco is where I got my last bunch of hand warmers.
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Ebay is a good source. Some of the sellers admit that their goods are beyond the use-by-date.
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In Europe it could be
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Costco you can get 40 warmers for $17.99. It is much cheaper then anything I've seen on ebay and they last a good 8hrs+. If you don't have a costco membership, find a friend that can go get these for you.
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