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pocket rocket bindings

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So the wife and I just bought a pair of 165 pocket rockets. I was wondering, I see that you can use the 912 bindings, but is there any other kind of binding you can use with the '05 pocket rocket? I searched old thread and couldn't find anything.

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Bump, anyone know?
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I just bought some and have the rossi version of the look 12's on em

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Cool, so is the model actually called the look 12? Are they better or cheaper than the s912's?
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It's all about the brakes and lift. The PR S912 Ti has limited lift and wide brakes. For someone skiing the PR as a park/freestyle ski, this is preferred. The debate is still open on whether lift is preferred in pow/crud, although it always seems to help on groomers. I had a pair of S912 Ti's on my PR's and liked the weight savings. For awhile, Sallie was giving an additional year of warranty to any ski mounted with its bindings, but I am not sure that is still the case.

On the other hand...

The Look/Rossi bindings are also good. They seem to be a bit heavier (actually quite a bit heavier when compared to a 912 Ti), but a very reliable, require no toe-height and toe-wing adjustment like the Sallie, and are a snap to get back on in pow-pow. Note that the Look P12 is changing (at least in the heal), making the current model quite desirable.

If you don't need the DIN to 12, either the P10 or S810 Ti with the addition of wide brakes will work as well.
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I think basically any binding designed for a wide waist ski would work with the PR's. If you are planning to use these for powder it is my understanding that the Looks are prefered because of the extra travel in the heel. And the PR seems to be more of a powder/all mountain than park ski.

There is a special version of the s912 Ti which is designed to fit the PR, these are available on REI at:


I'm not sure what the difference is between these and the regular s912 Ti other than wider brakes which you can buy separately:

http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?productId=47876885&storeId=8000&cat alogId=40000008000&langId=-1&addon=714538-720471&ext_cat=undefined

If you are looking at the Look p12 it is my understanding that you also need at least the wider brake, which can be hard to find for last year's model. The wide models are available in a pivot jib (no lifter, better for park and bump skis) and a free ride version which you can find at:


I just bought both the p12 pivot jibs and the free rides and am getting these mounted as we speak, but then I am a big fan of the Look design going back 20 years.

As an interesting aside, I noticed a fair number of PR's which were tele mounted on a recent sojourn at Alta, but I am not sure you would want to go in this direction.

As Bandit Man has noted, you do get an extra year of warranty on the skis and bindings if you buy these from the same manufacturer, so this would be a good reason to go with the Salomon's. I have a pair of the s912's on my Scream 10 Hots and have been fairly happy with these.
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Right on guys, thanks alot for the info...
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The main advantage of the Salomon 912 Ti is it is really light. I have them on my PRs and they are the lightest set-up in my quiver. I haven't had any problem with the 912s but if I were to do it over again I would put on Look P12 Ti bindings. They aren't as light as the 912s but I love the retention Look/Rossi bindings provide.
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Is there a way to get these AT bindings to fit the PR?
Would I just need the wider brake and that?
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I put a Tyrolia Railflex binding on my wife's ski. Reason being that many people say to mount them 2cm back. I placed the rail so that in the forward position, the binding is mounted at the mark, ths means we can move it back to 1.5cm or 3cm behind the mark.
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Originally Posted by kev259
Is there a way to get these AT bindings to fit the PR?
Would I just need the wider brake and that?
yes,and the brake they come with from backcountry.com should be wide enough but contact them to make sure it comes with the wide brake.PR+Freerides make a pretty good bc set up.
any binding will work as long as you get a brake to clear a 90mm waist,or bend the standards.
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Look P15 or Rossi FKS 155. Not cheap, but one of the best. Din of 5-15.
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