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My girlfriend & I both demo'd Volkl P60 GC's at Alpine Meadows in Tahoe last weekend, and were blown away by them. I was trying hard to get myself to like the 5 & 6 Star Supersports due to all the great reviews, but I just couldn't gel with them. Chattering tips, huge speed but not the control I'm used to- I'm ready to put the blame on my skiing, but I just didn't like them. My girlfriend was skiing circles around me, "Woo-hoo-ing" out loud and saying "You gotta try these!" So I strapped on a pair of the P60GC's, and it was like night & day: I skied the fastest I've ever skiied, and the sticks were silky smooth and controllable, tight arcs to big GS types. Did a few bumps, a stretch through the trees, felt like I had rockets on my feet. Trouble is, now we can't find any. Looking for 168cm, P60GC with Motion rails. At least one pair, possibly two if we get package pricing. Also interested to know if Volkl's making changes to the 2005/6 model, an when they'll be out. Thanks to anyone who might have the 4-11.