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Mt. Snow Feb. 5-6 weekend

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Our family will visit Mt. Snow first time this coming weekend. We are not football watchers, so we do not have to rush home Sunday.

Given the timing, snow conditions, and the temperature/weather we expect, could anyone who is familiar with the area give us suggestions as to how to get the most out of our stay there? Where would you start first thing Saturday morning? Where would you go in the afternoon? Would you repeat the same thing the second day, Sunday? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

I am an advanced skier. My wife is intermediate. Our kids, 9 and 7, are intermediate, but can go pretty much everywhere (although I would avoid double black diamonds).
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The whole place is geared towards intermediates-there is only one double black at the resort (plus a few tree area that won't be open)...and it's hard to find. So ski anywhere without worrying- Sunday afternoon should be the best time to ski in terms of crowds-if the crowds are getting you down on saturday-hop the shuttle or drive yourself over to Haystack Mtn-the slow old lifts keep the crowds away-but it's a nice area just the same. ven the northface trails (mostly blacks) will have a few groomed runs to get everyone down happily.

Mt. Snow is smaller than it appears (part of it's charm, actually)-For Saturday get an early start and park at the Carinthia base (less crowded-takes people an hour or so to get over there from the main lodge).

Some of the best blue cruiser are on the sunbrook side-the catch is that the Sunbrook lift is the slowest lift in the resort-but, this helps cut the crowds on the sunbrook runs.

The bumps on the northface tend to be a little softer than the bumps on Beartrap (which is southfacing).

I'll be there this weekend myself-Sunday.

Have fun.
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>how to get the most out of our stay there?
ski as much as possible!
>Where would you start first thing Saturday morning?
at the bottom of the hill
>Where would you go in the afternoon?
up the hill and then down the hill
>Would you repeat the same thing the second day, Sunday?
yes, up, down, up, down

all kidding aside, I was just at Mt. Snow on Saturday, kinda crowded and a little bit crazy in starting out when we arrived at the mtn. when i ski, i basically try to ski the whole mtn going from lift to lift. You can check the ski map online to get ready, that may help alot to make your own plan of attack. The North face has some nice runs that are definite blacks, I wouldn't worry too much about the doubles, they might be bad if they have alot of snow and they let the bumps grow big, but everything was down to keep the snow on the hill. they have a nice bump run, called bear i think, on Sunnyside. that's a good spot for you, watch the mogul skiers ski to appropriate rock music.
Also - I always like to ski different resorts, and Stratton is up the road 45 minutes, fairly similar type of hill, but i'd give it a shot if you can get the family out the door.
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Thank you, Liam and glenncz,

Your input helps. I would be tempted to go to Stratton. I like the place. This time, we are joining a Boy Scout ski trip, so I have to stay with my son's troop at Mt. Snow.

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I second the motion to give haystack a try if snow gets crowded. The carinthia lodge at snow is a good option too.

If you are looking for challenging terrain go to the north face, but otherwise there is no reason to fight the crowds near the main base lodge and the main lifts. Stick to the carinthia quad and the sunbrook quad if it is running when crowds start to pile up.
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Thanks. Now I am really inclined to park at Carinthia base.
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THe carinthia quad and the sunbrook quad are both very slow. HOWEVER, I've found that the crowds these days are nothing like the crowds 15 years ago - so where ever you end up on the mountain, you should be ok. If you do park at Carinthia, best way to get to the north face is up the quad, down to subrook, up their quad which puts you at near the top of the north face (fallen timbers).

There were NO bumps on the North Face this past Sunday - but who knows?!

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uh...the carinthia quad (the nitro express, I believe its called) is a high speed detachable quad and is as fast as any on the mountain
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