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Where to go early March in Utah

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We're thinking of a week in Utah in early March. One advanced skier and one timid intermediate skier. Like power if it's there. The Mrs. wants ski in-out or at least local shuttle, and doesn't like to move to other resorts.

Suggestions on where to go?

Can anyone give a very brief summary of what each resort is like?

Many thanks,
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Solitude would be a good bet. Nice littel village and kind of romantic Good skiing for everyone you can always drive over to Park City for some night life.
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do a search on SLC in messages, lots of talk the last few weeks. My take on it you have 3 main options. Park City area, Snowbird/Alta at the resorts, or downtown SLC or Sandy in a "regular" town non-resort hotel, but probably filled with skiers.

The intermediate would probably be happier at PC. It all about skiing there, skiers and restaraunts everywhere, what you would expect from a ski resort town. Nice place for leisurely walk at night to pick a rest. You have big Western resorts to pick from in Park City, Deer Valley and the Canyons. All within what? 5 miles of each other. Negative is for the advanced, the snow quality won't be as good as it is at the Cottonwood resorts, LIttle and Big Cottonwood canyons. But it the weather is good, I would assume it might be just as good at times. But with no snow for a week or two the snow will deteriorate quicker and the the Cottonwoods can get a few inches for no reason whatsoever and maybe more on top with none or just on top at the PC resorts.

Other option is downtown or Sandy/Midvale area. No resort feel, navigating interstates in the morning(not a problem!, great roads and this isn't he NJ turnpike), here you are within 1 hr striking distance of 8 fabulous resorts. I would think the hotel costs are lower, we pay about $65/nt(per room) at La Quinta in Midvale and it's a great place full of skiers with nice breakfast. You are closer to the Cottonwood canyons here.

Option 3 and i would assume the most expensive housing option is stay at Alta/Snowbird, the hotels at either place or condo's. But here you are "staying with the gods". Nighlife is pretty minimal and not much to do except except, hot tub, eat and sleep, but there are a couple of bars for the hardy. I used to stay at the Cliff, but i don't anymore, just to save a few $$'s. But staying there is a very special experience and i just love the people who work there, they just have this special mtn feel about them. The skiing for mr advanced is possibly the best in the world, considering the steeps, snowfall, and the overalls scenery. Mrs Interm would like it too, but esp snowbird can be intimidating. (see other threads-i've had a bunch of people get "mad" at me over the years...wimps). Another negative for staying at Alta/Snowird is you are staying at altitude and i have had trouble sleeping soundly and overall i get a much better rest(and i need it!) staying down in the valley. Saying that, you have to hit either of those canyons for at least a day, because the scenery is MUCH better at Park City. As someone mentioned, top of Snowbird on a clear, blue day is as close to skiers heaven as you can get, lift served.

My suggestion, either Park City or Downtown, rent a car. Hit a different resort each day. Of course, that is the way i do thinkgs, but i do appreciate the fact, that some people like to settle down and ski the same place everyday, but personally i can't see why, esp in SLC.
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ps tons of advanced skiing at Park City, Deer Valley and the Canyons! esp for 1st trip out. You won't get shortchanged on this type of trip there(trip with the mrs.)
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Then again if you have a really fat Wallet .A ski in ski out at Deer Valley would be the way to go.
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