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Volant Z advice

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Hello to all from this new poster! I am getting back into skiing after a 6 year hiatus as my daughter is now old enough for lessons. I am now 44yo, 5'10 185lbs level 6-7 I suppose, tend to avoid bumps & trees but comfortable on steep groomers. NH skier mostly Sunapee and Pat's Peak. My reference ski for years was K2 Comp 610 190cm which I grew to love, but I don't think they have another season in them. This year I skied on Dynastar Course SL ceramics 195 and found them too squirrely, they were fine in short fall-line turns (duh) but quite the handful this week in tracked up heavy "powder." Even on groomed I found myself reluctant to try any GS-style sweepers.

So, I have a chance to pick up a pair of N.O.S. Volant Z 190, still in plastic, for next to nothing. Am I likely to find these more secure-feeling than the Dynastar's? New current-model skis are out of the question for now as I prefer to devote the budget to getting my daughter the on-slope hours she needs.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this

Steve L.
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Steve, if you really want to ski a straight ski still I have a pair of Volant FX 2.2 195's that are a few years old with a Marker m41 binding that I would sell to you for not too much money ($150). I also have a pair of Blizzard TCS23's 193 cm which were only skied 5 times before I moved to the shaped ski, I would also be willing to let them go for a reasonable price($250). If you want to move to a shaped ski, I have a pair of Elan 5.0 Integras that I picked up at the end of last season and skied to see if I would like shaped skis at the beginning of this season. They are 176cm long and have a marker M5.1 binding. You ski on a shorter shaped ski than you would have the straight ski. I would also be willing to sell these to you for a good price($350). They are a good ski and still have a lot of life in them as I only skied them about 15 times before deciding to move to Rossi Bandit X's. I am in Massachusetts so if you are interested let me know and we can meet up and you can see all 3 pair or just the ones you are interested in. I'll even throw in a pair of 52cm poles if you would like.

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hey steve1321 I have a brand new pair never drilled not a scratch tops or bottoms perfect edges 95/96 season k2 MSL 190cm,I love this ski but am now skiing the k2 axis x pro-awsome ski.I bought the MSL incase I didn't like the axis x pro but now I would part with them or I may use them as a wall decoration anyway you can have them for 120.00 plus shipping.I think shipping would be 15.00-20.00 any more I would cover,I also have a brand new set of marker 1200 free -no piston or riser that you can have for 110.00 plus shipping.the MSL has a built in riser where the bindings mount so this should be a pretty good package the MSL has a 10 degree sidecut & is a great all mountain ski,if you want both skis & bindings 250.00 in your hand shipping & all. happy skiing everybody
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Welcome to Epic Ski!

The Volant Z was a very nice ski; good versatile all mountain. It was basically an improved performance version of Volant's FX design. Long and narrow by today's standards, but so what if the price is right? They hold well on the hard pack, and like most Volants they work well in chopped up powder, and crud. They are well damped and feel quite stable. Even better was the Z-Max SL. If you find some of those still in the shrink wrap don't hesitate to buy.

Around the Denver area I've seen some people coming back from Gart Brothers Sports with leftover traditional top of the line skis (never mounted) for 20 bucks. Original price stickers were in the $500 range. Current ski technology is great, but for $20 the last of the traditional skis are pretty great as well.

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Just for giggles, I have a pair of Z-Max G's in a 208cm. My last pair of "straights". It's the GS Version of the Z-Max. Skied on those a LOT till the shapers came out.

They are fun, and a bit grippier and more stable than the SL's. A tad more shapely.

At 5'10" and around 200 lbs, I used to ski on really long boards. Might sell them...
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Say, thanks for the inputs everyone. I did go ahead and snag these today, $30 out the door... add $50 for some leftover '01 Salomon bindings... life is good [img]smile.gif[/img]

Steve L.

ps If anyone is in the Nashua NH area there was still one pair left of the $30 Volants in a 205, plus a bunch of Kneissl Ergo Cruise X all 190cm for $75 each... Building 19 on Amherst St.
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Those Volant Z's are as much an improvement over wooden skis with screw in edges and bare claw bindings as today modern skis are to the Volant Z's. Save your money, unless you want to "collect" them. I wouldn't ski them !
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Wink, feel free to send me a pair of Bandit X and I'll be happy to prove you right [img]smile.gif[/img]
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