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My old posts

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How can I get my old posts back? And attribute my proper screen name to the old posts? Help!

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you must...


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So my mother tells me but I'm not buying it!!! I am a hard corps agnostic about everything.

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pm dchan, he can get them back and catch your post count back up.
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Send me a PM. I'll need your old username or what it was changed to when we had the crash. or a link to one of your old posts.

If you remember how many posts you had before we had the crash it would help too.

I can then merge you back to your old account and get some of your post count back.

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Originally Posted by dchan
.....when we had the crash.
So that's what happened during that time that I was away from epicski! When I went to login in after about a year away, I had to re-register, and my post count of about 2000 posts was gone. Luckily, noone had taken my user name, so I got the same one back. EEEEnteresting...
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how many posts JohnH?

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