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Boot liner quality?

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A recent magazine article by a bootfitting expert said that some boot brands tend to use inferior quality liners even in their higher-end boots, while other brands use better quality liners. However, the author diplomatically declined to name names.

I'm shopping for boots this season and would appreciate any informedcomments naming names about which boot brands tend to use inferior-quality vs. higher-quality liners. If you want to avoid making a public statement, please E-mail me privately.

[Mfrs' reps, please refrain from using this as a chance to bash the competitors just for competition's sake.]

Thanks, Don

(Email: dondeane@aol.com)
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I'm trying an experiment with the Head World Cup silicon injection system at the moment. I'd been on Lange since the 1970's and Lange liners pack out to the point where I can't use them after about 125 days even though the hardware is still in good shape. It used to be fairly easy to get free/inexpensive Lange replacement liners but they got stingy/pricy with me the last time around. (grumble) Lange has been punted. So much for brand loyalty. I'm trying a silicon liner hoping to get more days out of them. I only have 50 days on 'em so far so it's too soon to tell.
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Starting this year, Dalbello boots use Zipfit liners - tough to get any better than that...
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My Nordicas start the day tight at mid adjustment but by the end of the day I am on the last hook and the boots are too loose. Is this what you call "packing out" and can that be eliminated by purchasing new liners?
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The worst liners I have seen, have been in Nordica, especially all the mid price crap they sell at the big chains. Even the old Grand Prix liners were total trash. They have gotten better. The best liners probably throughout a line are probably Tecnica. Lowa thier sister brand also has an amazingly well made comfy liner, but no real high end boots. The old Head SPS was a thing of beauty, I will miss it. Otherwise, things seem pretty even. The more expensive the boot, the nicer the liner, but carpet foam is carpet foam...
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