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GS race plate+binding combo?

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I have a pair of 192 cm Stockli Stormrider's (first gen)....yeah, the very old school ones with 3 sheets of Ti in them.....super damp and fast. Right now they have a Atomic 6-14 race binding on them, with the older plate (bolts to ski, then binding bolts to it). Plus I have another 10mm lift on it, for a total of a 60mm stand height. The whole setup is pretty damn heavy because of the binding, but the binding/plate setup doesn't offer much damping, it's mostly hard plastic. The ski still has plenty of life in it and I love it, I use it for GS freeskiing, and some all around.

I'd like to put a race plate and race stock binding on them, that is lighter (more versitile) but that has better damping. I was thinking a set of Look/rossi race stock binders (p18/15, FKS 185/155), which are light, a light bolt through lifter, and some sort of medium weight vist or other plate with some rubber in it. All very laterally stiff though. Any thoughts? Can somebody point me in the right direction?

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What plate do you have on them now? I think anything else you try is going to have to bolt the ski and then have the bindings bolt to it... It is hard to say what plate will dave you weight not knowing what you have on them now.

I have skis with the Fischer plastic plates, some with the Marker world cup piston plates and my old pair with the a Deflex. If you want damp you don't need to look any further than a Deflex. They are getting harder and harder to find though. I have never skied the Salomon plate, but in the late 90's deflex was bought by Salomon so I think the current Salomon plate is similar?? A Deflex will be heavy though!!

The Marker plate is probably not for you if you are looking to use Look/Rossi bindings because you have to use Marker bindings.

I guess that leaves the Vist plate. I have never skied it but it seems to recieve fairly wide usage.
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The atomic plate is the "powerflex" plate, as I recall. 10mm lift, three pieces of plastic (front/middle/end). The plate bolts to the ski, then the binding bolts to the plate. This design goes back to the mid-early 90's, when they were ESS VAR....these ones are about 5-7 years old now. I have another 10 mm of lift on the binding between the plate and binding, using PVC plastic shims and longer screws (adding more weight). I can and will take them off and weigh them before I buy anything, but I think they are really heavy. Is that descriptive enough?

I have two deflex's around, one is AL, the other is the older Ti version from the mid-early 90's. Don't think I would want either one on the stocklis (well, maybe the Ti one). As I recall the Ti one weighed in at around a hair under 1 lb per ski, we'll say 400g, but are thin (10mm), and don't give a very connected feeling to a ski, but are very damp. I'm not looking for something "light", I'm looking to go from "really heavy" down to "heavy", maybe losing a lb per ski. I'd also like to improve the feel, and the dampness.

Look P18's are 1235g per ski, which is really light, about a half lb lighter than S916's per ski to put it in perspective, so they would be the binding of choice (or P15, rossi fks 155/185, etc). The tallest VIST plates are 18 mm, so that with a look binding with a 14/18mm height would put me at around 50mm for the stand height, then I could shim up from that.
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Look makes 10mm and 13mm plastic lifters for the P15/18s. Maybe a Deflex or similar under that?
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