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One day trip from Munich

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Two of us have chance to ski one weekday in February between business meetings (one night and one full day). Any recommendations for good skiing and nightlife? We're both good skiers.
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Within 1-1.5 hrs:

Garmisch, Mittenwald, Pfronten, Reith im Winkl, Ruhpolding, Schliersee, Innsbruck (Axamer Lizum).

Better: drive 2hrs and go to either St. Anton (that's what I would do), Ischgl (gay night life), or head into the opposite direction to Kitzbühel.

Make sure to leave early in the morning to beat the hordes.
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Don't forget in the direction of Salzburg- Berchtesgaden.
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St Anton

At Anton is only two hours drive from Munich? How far from the airport? Thanks for the feedback.
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From the Munich airport, which about 18 miles from Munich you need to work your way over to the 533 autobahn to Garmish-Partenkirchen and then take the 24 to Lermoos and from there head to Landeck and St. Anton. You need to get a drivers permit at the border to Austria and display it in you windshield.

You are not going to make it in two hours, even three would be optimistic because just to find your way around Munich isn't easy unless you are familiar with the area.

If I were you I'd go to Innsbruck , there are a dozen great ski areas around the town and it is all Autobahn. From the new Munich Airport take the A92 autobahn to the outer ring A99, go south (left) around the ring until you hit the A8. Drive as fast as the car wuill go until you get to the A93 and take that to Kufstein, Austria, where it becomes the A12.

When you get to Woergl you can continue to Innsbruck or make a left at the 170 and go to Kitzbuehel. On the way you will go past several dozen world class ski areas, stop at any of them. Driving to Innsbruck is just easier than trying to get to St. Anton.

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Good thread. I'll be in Munich on 08-March and planning skiing around Innsbruck.
But Ott, what permit are you talking about? I was there in '99 and '02 and crossed the boarder not once. It was like crossing county boarder in US.
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Igorig, here is a verbatim excerpt, but ignore the toll in Austrian Schilling, it Euros now.


In Austria motorways & speed roads are subject to a toll (Mautstelle). The toll requires the purchase of a sticker, which should be clearly displayed on the vehicle windscreen. It is compulsory for vehicles to carry a toll label (Vignette) on Austria's highways. Tolls for cars are charged at ATS 150 for a two month sticker and ATS 70 for a 1 week sticker. If driving without a valid toll label, or a label which is not affixed, you will be subject to high fines. The gendarmerie and customs are authorized to collect the toll evaded, together with an additional sum as a substitute fine. Infringements of the toll regulation will be punished with an additional charge of ATS 1,100. - or an administrative fine. The toll stickers may be purchased at automobile clubs in Austria and abroad, at petrol stations and stores close to the border as well as at post offices, tobacco shops and petrol stations all over Austria.
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Originally Posted by routlirh
At Anton is only two hours drive from Munich? How far from the airport? Thanks for the feedback.
Roughly yes but you need to take full advantage of the rotten Euro driving style, kicking the accelerator pedal down to the engine's oil tank. Also it depends where in Munich you are taking off from and how quickly you can access the Autobahn to Garmisch. Having done the drive quite often I recommend crossing the border at Mittenwald but again secret is hittin' the road early morning. From the airport count on at least an extra 45-60 min. since the highways going from there have speed limits.

I'm not sure which 'world class resorts' Ott is talking about (can't think of any to be honest, at least to my own standards), all I say is St. Anton or the Paznaun valley are well worth the extra drive in exchange for much better terrain, snow to give you an unforgettable blast. Just my 0.02.
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Well PowHog, since I was talking about going to Innsbruck on th 93 I thought at least by our measely standards Kufstein would be a world class resort and so would be the Hohe Salve in Worgl and the Patcherkofel isn't all bad, is it? And how about Axamer Lizum or the Muttersalm or Hintetux. and on the way to Kitzbuehel fro Brixen to Kirchberg to Kitz itself and St. Johann in Tirol just a few miles away.

To us these, and many I left out are world class ski resorts.

We just don't have them on top of each other as they are there. The afternoon run from the Hahnenkamm to Kirchberg is a fun run.

I grew up in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps but now we vacation in Austria, Lech, Zuers and St. Anton two years ago last.

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I have made the trip from the Munich flughafen to St. Anton many times. Three hrs. to St. Anton. However, If travelling back on a Saturday, give yourself atleast 4 hours. Many people are travelling from Austria to Germany, and there are onlly 2 ways out to Munich. The best way is via Garmisch
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Ott, I hear you now.

Snow is excellent everywhere right now so any choice might be good.
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Dont know when your going in February but the Mens DownHill is Garmisch
http://www.garmisch-partenkirchen.de/portal/infomaxcms.php?channel=html&lang=en&imxsession=724 af02e23a7836b376f44dafddd6c28&artid={6dbcebbb-31ab-fd7c-6bda-d372a02310ef}

If you go to Austria ie St Anton Your travel will depend on the weather if you go the direct route via Garmish you have to go over the FirnPaß .
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Have any of you folks out there skied the Nue Velt off the back side of the Zugspitze in Garmisch. When I was a patroler there I always wanted to ski it but didn't feel I had the talent then, but now might be a different story. Anyone done it recently?
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Not sure what you mean with 'nue velt' (or 'neue Welt'?).
If you are talking about the descent into Leermoos on the Austrian side it got a mandatory 30 m rappel in there and is doable only under sufficient and safe spring conditions, so don't forget bringing your harness. It starts at the southwest side of the small Zugspitzplatt ski area.
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