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Keystone questions

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Heading to Keystone next week for a few days. I'm a solid intermediate (can handle most groomed blacks). How are the black runs in Keystone-can a confidant intermediate handle them? How about the bowls and cat skiing?

Also any tips on favorite runs would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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1. Keystone has lots of easy blacks. There will be a lot of runs bumped out top to bottom at the Outback.

2. Keystone's only real bowl skiing is via the cat ride they offer. As far as off-piste conditions go, it's advanced intermediate. Right now the snow conditions will be variable - pockets of good stuff interspersed with ice and crap. Probably comparable to The Windows if you wanted to try before you buy. (Someone want to correct me? I've never actually skied that new terrain. I was just basing that on it's exposure and other Keystone experiences.)
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You will not find groomed blacks at Keystone. The only one that comes to mind is Diamond Back. Sometimes it is groomed sometimes not. As Vinn said there are some easier black bumps. I like the ones at North Peak, Cat Dancer, Bullet get little traffic. Also at Northpeak is Starfire, groomed blue, It has a nice pitch though last time I was there is was pretty skied off.

At the Outback there is a blue bump run that is lots of fun, Big Horn. It is easy to miss though. Go through the trees bear right and it opens up. Gets very little traffic.

If you want grommers though they are blue. On the Front Mountain, Wild Irishman and Frenchman have some fun pitches.

We will be skiing Keystone this Sat. If you are in River Run stop by Fritz Alpine Bistro. We are often in the corner swilling a Bass or a glass of wine.
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