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DChan - calling DChan...

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I tried to EMail you there, but got a bounce back saying your mailbox was full.
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I did, too. Rumor has it he's making some turns. I hope he's making some for me (and everybody else in the PNW).
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Originally Posted by sno'more
I did, too. Rumor has it he's making some turns. I hope he's making some for me (and everybody else in the PNW).
Yep. I think he's rippin at Telluride this week.
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Originally Posted by Coach13
Yep. I think he's rippin at Telluride this week.
He is, indeed. Powder every day for him so far (last I got an e-mail from him). I've let him know that his e-mail box is full (probably that video clip I sent him!).
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stop sending those emails to dchan@epicski.com

Send me a PM if you need to reach me. I have another email address you can send stuff to.

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Those reports dchan, where are those quarterly reports!

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I think I got the email problem fixed. I'm not sure how : All the logs said my email box was empty (no emails or just a few) and I don't have any limits on any of my mail boxes. I cleared all the logs and limit counters and was still getting reports of bounce backs. I just deleted and re-installed my accounts on the server and seem to have resolved the issue but according to all the logs and configurations there should never have been an issue.

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As far as reports.

We arrived in Telluride Saturday, January 29th, 23 of us minus 2 bags thanks to the little planes they fly from Denver to Montrose. The last member of the group came through Montrose and picked up the two missing bags at around midnight. It snowed on and off most of the day.

Sunday was a day to just cruise around a little. Most of the people on our trip had not yet skied or boarded this season so it was our warmup/acclimate day. The sun was out for part of the morning and then it clouded over and we got a trace of new snow for Monday.

Monday we met up with our instructor at Telluride and several of the more advanced students had a great morning lesson. Wow talk about changes. Monday afternoon it began to snow quite hard. The PM Session with the intermediate skiers was getting dumped on.

With a good base for our group to work on and practice with Tuesday was to be our "application of new skills" day. We woke up to a phone call from the instructor, He would not be able to meet us at Chair 7 due to Avalanche Control. We would have to ride up and meet him at the top.. Just as we arrived at the top of Chair 7, they opened the front side of the mountain so we were treated to a run in ankle-knee deep Powder. Then we did some bumps, crud, and searched for a little more powder.

The afternoon group did some bumps and crud as well.

Wednesday - Friday the sun was out and we had a great time playing all over the mountain. It never got too warm so the snow stayed pretty nice just about everywhere.

My progress, I skied all 6 days! including several trips down the plunge and bushwacker. Deep bumps were a bit painful. Ice and massages from my brother-in-law (Sports med PT) were much appreciated. I actually only took 2 aleve's all week. I averaged 21K Vert feet almost every day so I'm very happy with that progress.

Sorry no pictures. I was too busy having a good time being able to ski at all.

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Glad that you are feeling good! Good healing.
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