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How do I get the grips off Leki poles?

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Help! I got a couple of pairs of Leki poles off ebay, and both need to be shortened. I've done this before with other brands, but can't get the grips off these Lekis. One pair has a DH style grip with a screw at the top holding the strap on. It should have been easy, but they must have glued it on. The other set have the slalom style grip with the releasing strap. I took the gizmo apart, but there was no screw holding the grip to the pole. Any suggestions? :

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Since most Leki Poles have that bend in them shortening them might be problematic. If they are true to form, and I suspect they are, the grips and the hard rubber/plastic tip on the Leki poles are Epoxied on. to remove them you will need to heat the handle until it gets a little soft (boiling water might work but it may not be hot enough) and then work the glue loose from the softened rubber grip. Then you will need to rough up the inside of the grip and remove as much of the epoxy as possible and rough up the pole where it will now attach to the grip (after you cut it off) and re-attach with some sort of adhesive. I did this with the tips of my Leki's using a 30 min 2 part epoxy.

Good luck.
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Like Dchan says heat to break down the glue is the trick. I find with the soft rubber of the grip it's hard to heat with a heat gun without melting the rubber or messing it up when it's soft and you try to get the grip off. For the tip I find it doesn't transfer heat well and can melt too. I use a crock pot of boiling water. You may have to leave it in for a while. For the grip up top I'd just use contact cement when putting it back on, it holds fine and is a lot easier to get off. For the tip you need the epoxy.
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i have shortened leki poles before, hot water does work, they did not seem to be glued on but sure felt like it. put them back on with no glue(still warm) when cooled of they wouldn't budge.thereusually is enough straight area above the bend to cut off almost 2 inches. the hard part was getting the plastic plug that the screw goes into out.good luck.
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Okay, I'll try heat. I just want to remove the grips to shorten the poles; wasn't thinking about doing anything to the other end, but it's interesting to hear that it comes off. Thanks for the tips.

DH [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Got the job done. The grips came off easily after a few minutes soak in hot tap water. No glue evident, just needed water and heat to soften and lubricate the parts. To remove the end plug, I drove a long screw partway into the screw hole and locked on a set of vise grips. Then put the vise grips in a bench vise and gave a good pull on the pole. Came out like a watermelon seed. Cut the poles to length with a pipe cutter, then put the plugs back in with a whack on the floor to seat them. I put the grips back on with a bit of water to lubricate, and they seem solid without glue. The slalom poles didn't even have plugs. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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