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Giro Fuse

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Recieved one of these as a gift the other day and finally got to give it a try.

So far I have found it to be fantastic. This is my first skiing helmet, so I wasn't sure whether I would like it or not, but turns out after skiing with it I now prefer it over skiing with just a hat on. After about 15 minutes I didn't even realize I was wearing it anymore.

The helmet itself has a ton of nice features. It is very light and feels pretty sturdy. It has 16 vents, which are controlled by an adjustable lever in the back which will open, partially open, or close them. The ear pads are removeable, and the side vents have a rubber bung which is also removable. It was about 8 degrees out, and it kept my head nice and toasty. With all the venting I don't forsee skiing in mild temps to be a problem either. The chin strap is nicely padded, and has a plastic strip on the strap that the strap end can be put through to keep it out of your face. I had no problems with my goggles fitting with the helmet as they seated nicely with the helmet, and there was no obstruction of vision.

They are a bit more expensive at ~$130, but for the comfort, convience, and certified safety I think its a pretty good deal.
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Nice Review

thanks for the review. I have been thinking about getting a helmet, espically now that I am starting to hang out in the park more
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If I got a helmet, thats the one I would get. Its real nice and fit is fantastic. I liked the ability to open and close the vents too.
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Giro Helmets

The Giro Nine is the next model down. It it a great helmet too.
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Originally Posted by Atomic_918
The Giro Nine is the next model down. It it a great helmet too.
It is, and probably the best "bang for your buck" in the Giro line. The best feature the Fuse has is the ability to "vent" on the fly. I'm just not sure, however, that it's worth almost twice the price of the Nine.
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Agree with the above posts. I've had a fuse for 3 seasons and have put my wife and 4 friends into the same helmet and everyone is happy.
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Originally Posted by Coach13
It is, and probably the best "bang for your buck" in the Giro line. The best feature the Fuse has is the ability to "vent" on the fly. I'm just not sure, however, that it's worth almost twice the price of the Nine.
To me it is. I'm so glad I have the active vents; beats taking off the helmet, fumbling to put in or away pads, and put it back on. I am very glad I purchased the Giro Fuse.
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Originally Posted by Coach13
It is, and probably the best "bang for your buck" in the Giro line. The best feature the Fuse has is the ability to "vent" on the fly. I'm just not sure, however, that it's worth almost twice the price of the Nine.
Huh? The nine is about $95-100 and the Fuse is about $125-130. The few extra bucks is definitely worth it, no vent plugs to keep track of and the ability to open the vents and close in variable postions is great. Closed on the lift, open going down the mountain. Partially open for those between temp days.
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Check out for the giro nine for $69.95 in S, XL and 2XL. They recently had the fuse in L for $89.95. Keep your eye on that website and you'll find the fuse for a good price if you don't care about color and have a big head!
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Giro Fuse and Nine

There are frequent listings on EBay for both the Nine and the Fuse. You can save some bucks, even with "Buy It Now".
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psychologically forced to buy one

I've never worn a helmet skiing. I do for racing and bicycling but never for skiing. This year I've seen too many out of control lunatics on the slopes and have been thinking about not only getting myself a helmet but also helmets for my 3 kids.

So I'm at Alta last week and was checking out helmets in the ski shop. I really liked the Fuse, fit great, felt fine and had everything I wanted in a helmet. I didn't buy it that night, figured I could get it cheaper at home. Next day I'm skiing and couldn't get the helmet off my mind, I felt like I was going to be cursed and crack my head open for some reason because I didn't buy it when I had the chance. After lunch, I even went out, put my skis on and was heading to the park when that cursed feeling came upon me again. Couldn't shake the vision of laying in the hospital as a vegetable due to an accident I had within hours of trying on a helmet and deciding not to buy it. Took the skis off, went back in to the ski shop and bought the helmet. Wore the helmet the rest of the day. Of course I never had that accident and I probably won't now either but if that's the price I pay for wearing it, that's fine with me.

It's a good helmet and I'm glad I bought it. There are certain things I won't skimp on due to price and this is one of them. Buy what is comfortable, what you like and get the best quality you can. So what if you spend an extra $50 or so, comes out to ten cents per run over the course of time which is peanuts compared to what each run costs when other expenses are factored in.

Mike Lewis
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Have had the Giro Fuse for about a year and love it better than a hat. The vent adjustment lever is fantastic and well worth any extra over the Nine. Light weight, warm, and when it's below zero I can wear a balaclava under it.
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I have the Giro Fuse Audio II (Includes the Tune-ups II). On-the-fly venting adjustment is worth the money and I love being able to have my tunes (not too loud) and my cell phone on line without have to fumble in my jacket pockets.

So turn on the flames about skiing with tunes and cell phones, but I absolutely love these features (and it's cheaper to buy it together than adding the Tune-ups II after the fact).
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Giro Fuse now on sale at for $109.93. All the other helmets they carry are also on sale, as are many of their skis.
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You can do better than $110 on EBay.
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Originally Posted by Atomic_918
You can do better than $110 on EBay.
there are some "buy it nows" on Ebay at $99.00.
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I liked the adjustable vents on the fuse, but the nine fit my head better. I don't really notice much difference with and without the vent plugs, but i probabyl would if i could change it on the fly.

tuneups rock my world
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When the snow starts accumulating in the vent holes on your head, you'll notice the difference. Also on warmer spring-ish days and VERY cold days, too.
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There is a difference in shape between the Nine and the Fuse. The Nine has a more spherical shape. For me the Fuse just fit better so I bought it about 3 years ago. After having skied for 30 years without a helmet I was surprised how quickly I adapted to the helmet. My reason for buying it was my insistence that my children wear one. I couldn't require them to wear one if I didn't. I use the Fuse vent adjustment all the time. Even in cold weather you can get overheated when skiing hard. A simple lever allows me to regulate my cranial temp very quickly.
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This is my first season with the Fuse and it keeps you warm in very cold temps and vents well when needed. The most incredible change over though was recently with the spring like temps in Northern NH. I was able to take off the ear pads while on the lift, re-adjust the chin strap and put it back on all in less then 8-minutes.

Then the real plus. I went from over heating to spring skiing mode in short order and completely comfortable. It really amazed me how verstile it was. The next morning it was quite a bit colder so I re-installed the ear pads once again. I think it's worth every penny I paid.

whtmt & Mackenzie 911
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the Nine.9 and the Fuse definitely have **DIFFERENT** shapes

I own a Nine.9 (and love it) and tried on a Fuse at REI this past week, but the size Large was very tight

I tried on a size Large Nine.9 like the one I own just to see the difference and the comfort level of the Nine.9 was markedly better, at least for my shape head

the Fuse felt tight at the forehead and the XL was way too big

LESSON: make sure to try them on before buying them and try on both models to see the difference sin fit

if you own a Nine.9 and want to get the Fuse because they are now on sale everywhere, trust me on this, don't assume the shapes are the same

try them on before ordering online
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I agree with SquaMan. The fit is definitely different. I wanted the fuse to fit me because of the sliding vents but the inside top front really bothered the top of my head. It feels like it has less padding inside than the nine. The nine fits perfect for my head shape and it feels lighter. I did try a few just to make sure I didn’t have one with a bad fit but they all felt the same.
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