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YO LostBoy thanx for the info looks like Cosmos has them in stock YEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEE
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Park: Head Mad Trix-tried them last year bigger tail then tip means that you can sit back or stand in the middle and still carve huge trenches.

GS:P50 f1
SL:Head WC
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I'm with you on the Asteroids and Stormrider by Stockli. I just caught a glimpse of it on SwissCarve.com

Pretty cool site, nice looking boards. If the SR 2002 skis like the SR II we're in for a rodeo ride. You gotta hang on for 8 seconds, right?
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Stockli marketing strikes again
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Hey JW,

I just looked at your profile.
On the section "Interests" I noticed just after SKIING is "lg". Stands for lodge, doesn't it? Thought so.

(Or is litigation?)
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JW... a correction.

After closer inspection, "lg" appears to be part of "lg. fats", which when considered nestled between "kids" and "wine" makes a compelling statement. Wouldn't you agree counselor?

Your posts total 331. The average time taken to post on this board is ten minutes.

331 X 10/60 = 55.17 billable hours.

Wow counselor, how do you ever find the time to prepare for trial?

Thank God there's continuance!
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Vokl-enough said!

Ski fast, take chances!
This is a lifestyle NOT just a sport!

Volkl G31, Salomon 912pe, Salomon Performa Equipe 9.0
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I just returned from a brief trip to Japan. While there I had the chance to visit Jimbocho a sector of Tokyo with a lot of ski shops. I mean a LOT! I have never seen so many ski retail outlets in one place before. They already have all this upcoming season's gear on sale.

I felt like a kid surrounded by toy stores. Being something of a gearhead I visited about 15 different stores all located within a block and a half of each other to see what's cool in skiing in Japan.

My first observation is that Fischer RULES in Japan! Being a Fischer ski guy for years, I have found that locating the right model and size of Fischer skis can be something of a hunt in the US. In Jimbochu it seemed that most of the stores carry Fischer skis. The RC4 Race Air Carbon Ti, the Race SC, the Ice Pro and Sceneo 3 were the most popular models.

Salomon Crossmax and Pilot 10 skis and Rossi T-Power series are prevelent too and so is Blizzard's Sigma series. A number of shops carried Volkl P 50 series skis as well as head Head and Ogasaka skis. Atomic didn't seem as common as in the US. Neither was K-2 though I saw some Mach series skis. I saw a pair of T-3 Epic Volant skis and some Elans and Mizuno's and Nordica's.

I will leave the discussion of the relative merits of brands and models to others. But as a general observation I would say that the majority of skis I saw looked like predominantly high end short carving and racing skis. I would note the graphics have improved pretty much accross the board.

I will share my observations on ski boots in another post when I can.

For myself I have sworn off new gear this season and instead plan to use the money for clinics and lessons. Nevertheless all that new gear is certainly tempting and the window shopping was great fun!

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hey Rock'n,
Of your 20 or so contributions to Epicski, how many have not been phony testimonial plugs for the skis you are selling? 0 by my count.
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Thank you councelor for pointing out the ambiguous.

Sir, with all due respect, considering your 50+ hours on this site, one wonders about the time spent posting and dribbling on other, similiar sites.

I think it's fair to say, you're not a "partner", nor will be anytime soon with your ambitious and efficatious use of time.

But, God bless anyone that can spend the time as you do fishing for support to inane questions about a sport that appears to elude, baffle and frustrate.

God bless you!

The Doc

(over and out)

(oh, by the way, I'm really a physician who just happens to like his boards, not a ski salesman, but nice try... you were so close)
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One of several similar, scripted info-mercials posted by the Stockli ski rep and part time brain surgeon.
Lets see if I can understand Stockli's approach here. To sell your skis to people who are interested enough in skiing to post on this site, you jump on once in a while to post fraudulent testimonials under an assumed name (names), misrepresent your connection to Stockli, and insult your would-be customers by saying they are wasting their time posting and reading on this site. hmmmmm.....
No, you're no brain surgeon. And I'll bet you don't sell many skis, either.<FONT size="1">

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Alright, let's drop it guys. Thanks.
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