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Crystal Ball - Best skis for 2002????

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My picks:

K2 Mach S = slalom - in a 174

K2 Mod X Pro = Mid Fat - in a 188
(G-3 - in a 184 close 2nd)

Volkl G4 = Fat - in a 198.

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I agree that short slaloms are only going to continue get better. However, I think that anything with the integrated binding setup will be huge! Epsecially the carvers.

SSL - K2 Mach S (Just gotta agree with that!)

GS - Volkl P50 Motion

All-Mtn. - Atomic 9.18 Device (Great ski that supposedly only got better!)

Midfat - New Bandit X (Hey, It has a new construction with a sidecut exactly like the X-Scream, but with no porlinks to crack the ski. Just might be fun!)

Fat - New Bandit XXX, Salomon Pocket Rocket, K2 AK Enemy (Any fat twin is going to be in demand. The wider XXX with the new size run and flipped tail should be the leader of that pack!)

Sure to disappear first off the rack - Salomon Crossmax 10 (the ski that the Pilot pretended to be)
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Just for Clarification the Mod X will actually be called the AXIS X.

I will vote for the Axis X Pro as the best Mid-Fat.
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The K2-QP* manufactured in our 48th state Canada.

*the "P" stands for "Potatoe".<FONT size="1">

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hummmm this is a toughie; lots of drool-worthy skis coming out. Every review I've read of Shorty slaloms has the word fun in it, and since that's the point of skiing for me I'm going with the K2 Mach S. i'm intrigued by the atomic BetaRaceCarve Peter Keelty says is Ski of the year, though. Is it *really* suitable for upper intermediates? How versitle would it be? Shoot, a 150 would slip in the trunk of my car!!!

To compliment one of those I'll probably get an Atomic B-Ride 10-20 or 9-22 or maybe the volkl Motion. Have to demo a bit.
The Fischer Sceneo air 3.0 looks cool too although I don't see it on their site. Looks like it might be sort of a Mid-fat-Shorty Slalom all in one. Anybody heard anything about it?
Can't wait to start demoing!!!
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I'll go with Matter on this one.

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I agree with Matter except on the fat. I think the Pocket Rocket will be the most popular but it will also be the one I like best (it better be, I have a pair on order for my son & I to share).
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Rio, where did you place your order for the PR? Online, or at a local shop? Just curious, thinking about getting a pair myself. Also, what's a fair price for that ski, to your knowledge?
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Slalom: Beta 9.16, P50 Energy
GS: Beta 10.22, P50 F1
Mid Fat: Beta 11.20, Bandit X, Axis Pro, and still X-Scream Series
Fat: XXX, G4, Dynastar
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I have a friend who owns a ski shop in Medford, OR. Knowing the Pocket Rocket would be in short supply I had him order me a pair with his yearly order back in May.
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Like all the other Canadian made skis they will likely be pretty mediocre. As for the 48th state, i wouldn't start moving your double wides north just yet.

I think that in 2002 America will pull its collective cranium from its ass and discover a little known line of skis from Head. If they had a smart marketing slogan like "get some" they might appeal to the beer commercial mentality, possibly resulting in more exposure to the US ski market.
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i agree. head makes a solid ski; just don't seem to have the sexiness quotient(?) of like, but more popular, skis.
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2001-2 HEAD skis are very sexy...ski that way too...several people I've been on them with have said they've never felt so great on a ski so quickly, it usually takes a few runs.
Give me Head or give me Head.
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Head's Worldcup SL is a little ripper, turns 3's nice too.

The XP-80 is an all mountain carver with a little kick to the tail so it is very fun in the pipe/park as well. (Tho a little stiff for true park use.)
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Jo Canadaian,
To get the full flavor of the "48th state" reference you should look at the "who's joining K2" thread in the "General Ski Discussion" topic.

My personal favorite under-appreciated ski has long been Fischer. Big in Austria and Japan long under recognized here. That may at last be changing. Fischer seems to be poised to expand their niche in the American market.
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The Supercross isn't a great example of Head's cutting edge stuff. The designs and performance for next year are radically different than last. The skis aren't even recognizable next to last year's. Expect big things from this company which has broken new things upon the world of skiing technology more than once.
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Check out all the Heads you'll see if you pay attention to who's skiing what on the WC.
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Same for Fischer. They don't just don't spend the $'s to sponser many skiers like some companies do.
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As long as you are not saying that Fischer is better than 97% of other skis I will accept that analysis with this caveat; purely personal preferences aside, the quality and performance of Fischer's race skis are not exceeded by any brand whose skis are available at the retail level in the US.
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Phil, That may be true of certain Volant afficianados.
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I was really surprised by how much crusty old gear I saw over in Austria. Also, they seem to have embraced short skis much more than we have so far. The Atomic 9.12 seemed like one of the most popular skis in Lech. I was also surprised to see that there were really no fat skis at all. None of the shops sold G41s, Bigs, XXXs, or 10.EXs. There were a few G31s or XXs, but they were few and far between. Considering the amount of off-piste skiing there, I found that interesting.
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I got Head for the first time last year - skis that is. The WC Slalom Ti is a lot of fun. I have the 2001-02 model and got about 8 days on it in a variety of conditions including powder. It's sweet and was surprisingly stable and versatile.

The graphics are pedestrian but at least not distasteful. (I demoed the Rossi Viper X of 2 years ago and my daughter called that "the ugly ski".)
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Hey Phil any info on where i could score some
Flexons?I used to have a pair and they rule.
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I don't know about Austria, but in France most of the public stays 'on-piste' largely because of insurance issues. I think you have to buy it to go off, or something much like that. If you require rescue, you need to be able to pay for it..I think that is the insurance deal.
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I'm not Phil but I will try to share what I know.
I noticed that you list your home Mountain as Kirkwood. Cosmo's Custom Footwerks in Tahoe City is the largest Raichle distributer in the Tahoe area. The owner Pat Cosentini is an excellent boot fitter. Footlose Sports in Mammoth also carries Raichle boots and also has an outstanding reputation for boot fitting. The cheif guru there is Corty Lawrence. I hope this helps. If not Kdr Inc. the US distributer has a website www.kdr-usa.com Contact them and they may be able to help you further.

I have skied in Flexon Comp's since the 1980's and am on my third pair. On the right feet they're great boots!
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Where does one find all this lovely information about the new line off skis? Our is it strictly a golden few that have the knowledge that all of us hicks don't?
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laxman - The www.peterkeelty.com site is partially (and sporadically) on the air. It has reviews of many of the new skis.

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I've got to vote for

Fat: Asteroid
All Mountain ungroomed bias: Stormrider
All Mountain groomed bias: Laser SC

I guess P.K. doesn't agree with me, no Stocklis on his site. What's up with that?
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Yeah - I noticed that too. Kinda of offended me. There could be timing and deadline issues. Maybe he'll get to them later.

There are other odd omissions - maybe timing, maybe not. For example, last year, there were no k2 Mod 7/8's on his site despite there being a gazillion of them in the local ski shops.

Nitpicking and technical disagreements aside, I think that all-in-all he does a great job and is a real service to the community.

He gets a vote of thanks from me.

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We all know that ski of the the year is advertising politics. When was K2 last selected? It will be a K2 guaranteed this year, regardless of what they produce in China.<FONT size="1">

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