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Fischer Bix Stix 7.6 reviewed

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I was finally able to get out on the Big Stix 7.6 the last two days. Conditions where just what I purchased these skis for. All mountain terrain on older snow, some stashes of crud, powder, sun crust, wind pack, and sluff in the chutes.

I am 5’10”, 160lbs, generally ski at higher speeds, big carves, some air, love the steeps. The ski length is 175cm, and the binding is mounted so that the boot sole is 1-5/8” above the ski’s surface. Ski boot is the Technica Icon XT.

First run on the groom, hard machined packed snow – not corduroy. This ski carves like my Atomic 9.21 GS ski. Rock solid fast carves are not a problem. My next thought is that this ski will not be very versatile.

Second run was on steeper terrain, Silver Fox with good chalky wind pack. Things are feeling good; the ski does not chatter in short radius turns on the steep like a race ski would in these conditions. Busts through the crud, floats through the air, carves easily as it contacts the snow again.

Next run the fog rolls in, and I get a little in the back seat on variable terrain. That’s when the tail of this ski pushes back much more than the PRs would that I was on yesterday. Forgiving? No, but stay centered and you will be smiling. Staying centered in the fog is my problem, not the skis.

I experimented with carving fast two footed turns on the hardpack. Consider that this ski has a turn radius of 21m and I was asking it to do turns of roughly half that. Some skidding was allowed without chattering. Strike one up for versatility.

We ended up in Baldy Chutes today. Normally I would have preferred to be on a softer, wider ski to surf the sluff, but the BS got the job done just fine.

This is a really good all mountain ski that I have tried on everything except deep pow. I think it will be a great everyday ski. If that’s what you’re looking for, and carving is important, then check it out. If an easy forgiving ski (B2?) is what’s for dinner, then look elsewhere.
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pretty much how I feel about 'em too. I'm the same height and weight, skiing 175cms in the '03-04 version with Look P12 Ti binders mounted per Fischer's mount indicator.

The 8.6 is a very similar ski with a much bigger turn radius preference, but outstanding float in pow and ability to slice through wetter heavier crud without much deflection... similar powerful tail can launch you right off the snow if you hit it correctly.
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