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My Daughter just had a little boy and her Husband is shipping out Sunday for the Persian Gulf.

I am going to be making a visit to the Seattle area and wondered if Crystal, Alpental or any of the other areas have any good snow?

How is the outlook for next weekend?
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Everything is closed and I do not think anything has a chance of opening before the 12th. They have said it should start snowing Friday but they are essentially starting from scratch
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As TomO says, all ski areas are closed in the Washington Cascades and there is virtually no snow on most of the runs. It will take some very large dumps to open as soon as the 12th. I think the lotto might give better odds.
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One look at the web cams will tell the story...

Here is Snoqualmie Pass

Here is Crystal Mountain.

Here is Steven's Pass.

Here is Mission Ridge.
(they have two chairs open on weekends, don't know how)

Your best bet is to fly Delta with a connection through Salt Lake City and do a 2-3 day layover there. I just got back from Alta and it was great. Going again next week, Breckenridge the week after that and Tahoe will be in the picture soon too. Did Mammoth a couple of months ago and it was excellent. The only good that has come out of all this is the fact that the ski shops have some great deals on equipment, they are all worried about getting stuck with inventory. There are at least 3 shops here with 50% off sales. I just picked up a pair of Public Enemy's for $229. WOW!

Mike Lewis
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Tomo and Banshee,

Welcome to Epicski. There's alot of good info and people on this forum. Stick around. Thanks for the heads up. Guess I won't take my skis. I'll be in Colorado again in three weeks so I can wait. I just love the Northwest though. Crystal and Alpental are beautiful. One of my favorite ski days ever was at Alpental two years ago.
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Let's put it this way - people are running around Redmond & Woodinville today in shorts, short-sleeved shirts and sandals. Not a good omen for ski areas 30-50 miles and 3K feet vert away. As one person put it the other day, you could graze cows on Big Chief - a main frontside run at Stevens. Stevens normally has more snow than Alpental...Whimper...
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To put my last post in perspective, welcome to Alpental this afternoon... :
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Bachelor 100%

It's a bit of a drive (51/2 hours?) but we are 100% open. Today was sunny, still and a good mix of corduroy and off piste corn with a little windblown powder hiding in the pockets. Thin for this time of year but pretty good,
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