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Summit Cty Bears - Theatre invite

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Just a note to let our Summit County and nearby crew know that mike_m and I will be in the Backstage Theatre company's production of Travels with my Aunt by Graham Greene, at the Breckenridge Theatre, starting this week.

The show, which should be quite amusing, opens tomorrow Feb 3 and runs every Thursday through Sunday night, until Saturday March 5.

Five actors play a total of some 30 different roles, of both sexes and even another species (there are two dogs, which I also play). Three of us all play different aspects of the same character Henry Pulling, 50-something retired banker without a life, along with each playing quite a few other people. Mike plays Henry's flamboyant Aunt Augusta, who ushers him into a world of intrigue, confusion, growth, and passion. It's been described as "Monty Python meets Alfred Hitchcock."

Also on Valentine's day Feb 14, for one performance only, Lisamarie will be appearing in the Backstage's production of Love Letters. This special production is at the Silverthorne Pavilion, just off I-70 exit 205.

If you're in town and want to see some fun entertainment, please join us at either or both shows. Friends of the cast can get a discount, at least for the regular show "Travels" - please PM me if you want to attend with a discount ticket.

Hope to see you there!
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Opening night! WHEE!

Break a leg! Reserve two tickets for March 5th!
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just tell me the when and where of the wrap parties.
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Just saw the dress rehearsal. Totally hilarious!
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Oh dear! Check out the photos!

And the review!

By the play's end, audiences will truly believe there's a 75-year-old woman alive and well in Martorano.
Guess I now have a female ski instructor!
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How did Mark do?
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Originally Posted by Bonni
How did Mark do?
Phenomenal! In many ways, he had the biggest challege. What with playing an uptight middle aged banker, two different types of dogs, an old woman and a Scottish cop, I'm not sure who he is anymore! Nonetheless, he was totally believable in each role.
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What breed of dog?
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Why, a snowdog, of course!
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Originally Posted by Bonni
What breed of dog?
"Aunt Augusta" is so Method sometimes that while carpooling to the theatre last week he asked me the very same thing.

The bad South American poorly-trained Seeing Eye dog is a scrawny brown mangy mutt with rabies, named Fernando. Would you like his whole backstory? He had a very hard life in the streets of Buenos Aires.

The other dog is as named in the script: Wolf, a noble Irish Wolfhound.
"O'Bark" says he.

I did once spend two weeks limping around public places in New Jersey preparing for a role where my character had a bad leg. I will continue to fight with Giselle over bones and kibble to keep in character. :

The 50-something banker who had no life - well I had plenty of stuff to use for that, given 20 years in corporate IT! Of course all that is finished now, since I ran away to the circus up here! :

Mike does an incredible job as Augusta - truly believable and nuanced. I don't even want to speculate on his preparation... :
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Well done!

I went to see "Travels with my Aunt" on Saturday night with several
friends. It was great. Congratulations to MarkXS and Mike_M for a great
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O'Bark! hahahahahahha
I can't wait.
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Oh I'm definitely going!!!! This will be great. Congrats on the show Mark and your impromptu acting career Lisa

When I have a clearer date in mind I'll send a pm.
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Rdy2ski, come on up for the March 5th show (final show). I'd like to meetcha!
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Nancy, thanks so much for coming and bringing the gang! Hopefully, Ricka and I saved you enough champaign, and you were able to hear the lines over our drunken laughter!
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