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Cannon Mt. Sat 2/5

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Anyone interested in meeting for a few runs at Cannon this Saturday? I'll be out there bright & early, ski until about 3:30.
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do they actually have snow up there - I heard they were closed a couple weeks back...

love that mountain - not this weekend but definetly some other time (hard to justify with ASC pass)
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I was up at cannon today.

They do have snow, but from Midmountain up, its all been blown into the trees.

Of the Front Four, Avalanche was decent and Rocket too.

The best snow seemed to be on random trails like Lower Hardscrabble, They started out icy at the top which seemed to keep alot of people away.

I'd say the conditions were "variable", could change from packed powder, to hard-pack to windswept brownish ice over any knoll
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