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Tyrolia Railflex- XDog1

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I just read your post regarding using one set of bindings for multiple skis, which not only educes travel weight ,I would assume reduces binding expenses.

Sounds like the way to go. If I understand correctly , you would have the Tyrolia rails installed on all the skis used, and the binding itself can easily be changed off one ski and railflex track and put on another ski with the railflex track.

How long of a process is this, i.e. do you have to adjust for boot sole length again when you change? How much is a set of tracks for the other skis. (Certainly a lot less than additional bindings)

It ceratinly sounds like a better method for skiing and owning several pair of skis. Back in the 70's the retractable Burt bindings would allow you to do this.Its a great concept . I wasn't aware it could be done with the railflex.
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You just remove the center screw and slide the binding off, really easy. You don't need to adjust anything for the boot sole length as long as you want your boot sole centered on all your skis. You can move the clips around that adjust the boot sole length in 5mm increments to change your fore/aft position on the skis but that will affect all your skis if you move the bindings.

The rails are supposed to be free, but most shops are charging for them, I was quoted $35 by one shop. Some shops might give you an extra rail or 2 if you buy the binding or skis from them. Tyrolia sent me a pair recently no charge though.

They changed the rails this year so last years binding won't fit on this years rails and vice versa.
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I am really interested in this too. I've never really considered Tyrolia bindings though. How do they compare quality wise? Pros / Cons? I noticed in a shop that their AFD uses a "conveyor belt" like device which I thought was odd. How immune are they to dirty and/or snow and ice caked on boots?
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Hi, this sounds like a great plan but......

Lets hear the good knews first. Yes, 4 pair of skiis and one set of bindings sounds great not only $$$ wise but also weight and space wise, when you fly or load stuff on the roof of your car. And Tyrolia bindings are very very good! Absolutely nothing wrong with them other than that they have more and more plastic parts on them each eyar.

So whats the bad news then? Skiis are sold more and more as combos together with bindings than before. Like Atomic, Head, Fisher, Rossignol, W├Âlkl etc. and here were I live its as expensive to buy a pair of Atomic SL9s with or without bindings. Only big warehouses that belong to like Intersport carry regular skiis. And once you need to sell your skiis you run into problems because nobody wants to buy skiis without bindings. And personally I dont like the Railflex system. They dont have enough of lift under the binding and sometimes the ski-stoppers dont fold properly.

Sounds good but in the long run.... hmmmm
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I've never not wanted to buy skis because they didn't have bindings on them. I get skis for what they are and have a lot of bindings to mount them myself on my bench. But that's just me.

However - I do have a new pair of HD 14 railflex system II in the box I'd like to sell. I know it's not gear swap here, but hadn't thought about selling them til I saw this post. I think you can get additional rails for cheap. I have a friend doing this and he's liking it.

pat@pmgearusa.com if you're interested.

edit: I have a slough of Tyrolia demo bindings with the belted AFD and, yes, they do get clogged in the spring and summer with the dirt from the snow, but still seem to release when needed.
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